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She goes on, and on, and on..............

Congrats you wind bag ! Lol xx keep on
Posting lol


Fighting for My Health
Well, I for one love your waffling on lol. Can't believe you've only been a member since August though. Feels like soooo much longer :D lol ;) xx
Love you babes! I honestly wouldn't have been able to do this diet without you.......we have had such a laugh, usually at each other's expense, but hey ho:D
go girl! if it wasnt for people like you this forum wouldnt be the great support that it is xxx
Daisy!! I love you too hun and i am so glad i started when i did cos you lot made it much easier than it would have been without you all x x

Your gain wasn't bad at all was it? Are you ok with it? When did you restart? x x x
2ooo thats great how many of us moaners you ve helped keep it up x

get past 1st week
get in to 15 stone
get in to 14 stone
get in to 13 stone
get to 12 1/2 stone
more to follow

Go su!!!
thats amazing su & thats alot of help you've given us!! :D
Hi Sue, im waiting for you to get to 3000, 4000, 5000 etc etc,,,as long as you stick around as youve been a great help to me and many others im guessing
I don't mind any of your posts as you're always motivational my lovely, of course it would be a different matter if you were actually speaking the posts with the manky breath and all that!!! lol!!!
Congrats Su on the 2000 posts! Always get a laugh when I read them. When do you hope to restart?
Congrats Su on the 2000 posts! Always get a laugh when I read them. When do you hope to restart?
I'm scared!! .. I have put on so much weight, but i have still had weigh ins at the chemist so she knows i have become a bit lardy again!! lol

I am going to start Monday... Joe started Monday just gone and he is doing really well... He is freezing cold and his breath reeks!! lol.... I have arranged to decorate the spare room at Mum and Dads starting Monday so that should keep me occupied until ketosis kicks in properly...

You have done really well, and only 5lb gain over Xmas is fantastic x x


Fighting for My Health
Su, I was just going to ask if you'd made a decision yet on a start date, and whether Joe had started. How is he finding it? He's in ketosis then? (stinky breath - getting you back for yours. Once you get your stinky breath as well, maybe you won't notice so much lmao). What's the total gain so far then? xx
I stayed the same this week... So 12lb in total, since the end of November (BAD!!!)... Joe is coping really well, but i really need to get back to it cos since he started i am eating everything, and i mean EVERYTHING! In the last half hour alone i have had a toffee crisp, hula hoops, and 6 bourbon biscuits... Why?? There is no reason or excuse at all... I think i will take the kids to mum and dads on Friday as normal and eat chicken and salad for dinner... On Saturday and Sunday i will have oats so simple for breakfast, scrambled eggs for lunch and chicken salad for dinner again.. I know that i will still be having some carbs in the breakfasts, but i am hoping that because it is mainly protein it will help me get into ketosis easier.. What do you think?

I am also going to keep a diary on here.. I have read yours and others and it is really interesting to see how people cope and how they are feeling whilst on LT... I think i need to realise how bloody hard it is, cos i seem to have forgotten...
Su I did exactly the same in the week before Xmas and new year, I ate anything I could get my hands on, a whole box of ferrero rocher in one night! I knew the new year meant hell so I just went for it! It's only natural to have one last explosion, and you've had it and now it's onwards and upwards, we're all in this together and we are gonna have a HOT summer!!! X


Fighting for My Health
That sounds like a really good plan with the food over the coming days Su :) I have no doubt whatsoever that you will get back on track and lose that 12lb in no time. Your commitment before Christmas was amazing. You will do it again! Diary is definitely a good idea :) Glad Joe's coping okay too :)


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