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Due to the frequent toilet stops we have to make and my totalyl inability to do the crouching thing without falling over or soaking my jeans!! (sorry, I haven't done it sinceI was a teenager so may have improved!!) I bought a She-Wee online and it arrived to day so at lunch I tried it out and it's fab!! can't wait to be able to just stand in layby's like the blokes, plus never have to try to hover on a public toilet seat!!

Has anyone else used one?

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No never even heard of it :eek:


Queen of the Damned
Just did a search on ebay :eek::eek::eek:


Queen of the Damned

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I bought some she-wee last year when i went to a music festival, i must admit i found it awful....still p'd over my jeans...:giggle: :giggle: Maybe i had the angle wrong...lol



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OMG its tiny wouldnt fancy wet hands using that !!


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
I haven't tried it on a totally 'I'm bursting' toilet trip am quite nervous about that one!! I did get and extension tube though as I thought the funnel tube was a bit to short not to trip onto trainers or jeans!!

I have just had a look at shewee website and I have to say I am impressed especially when it was featured in Dragons' Den last November!

Might buy one as I remember being uncomfortable in hospital toilets trying to get samples for antenatal appointments!!


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So if we all start using these there will be no more arguments as to leaving the toilet seat up!!!


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I think I might have to invest in one!! that would be brilliant when I go to carnival or outdoor events when I'm in Tobago!!
Presumably after you've used it you have to emerge from the loo and was it under the tap? Is that not a tad embarrassing? Mind you, better than jeans you have just obviously PEED ON I should think ....
Mrs P


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see, you ladies give out to us guys for peeing over the rim of the toilet..

it takes years of experience to get it just right and then.. its not easy!

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