Shell fish?


I've noticed that Shellfish do'nt get on to the list of non-ketosis busting protein sources. They have virtually no fat & no carbs at all(Ithink). The only poss. problem is the increased salt content of the onespacked with added salt.
3 Q.s: Does shellfish have a naturally high salt content?
If you wah them prior to eating can you rinse out some of the salt?
Or am I in this, as in so much of modern life,sadley misinformed
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You mention a list? what list?

Good luck... im struggling and u seem to have more knowledge about this than me!

Have a grt weekend... C


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If you notice, oily fish is not on the list at all, because of the higher oli content than white fish. I would love some prawns right now, but even on AAM you can only stick to whats in the guide book, well....... I would anyway x