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ProPoints Shelliewoo's diary

Well thought I would start a diary, as not been too good with the food one, as I'm writing it down at home aswell, so just feels Like I'm repeating myself. Also need somewhere to have a moan from time to time, and thought this would be the place!
9lb lost in the first 2 weeks- here's to te rest!
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OMG!!! Just had a look at the eating out guide as I'm going on a hen doo on saturday, an although i know I won't be sticking exactly to plan (due to copious amounts of alcohol!) I was looking at the points for the meal I pre ordered before starting WW.

Zizzis: margherita pizza- 22!
Torta cioccolata- 20!

So 44 PP just for the two courses!! Have saved 40 weeklies so far so just have to be careful what I'm eating till weigh day.
Interesting point Shellie, just wondered whether a change in diary is going to be the answer to your problem.

Actually think you would be better to stick to the same one so you have a follow on and a reminder of all those blips that occur so you can learn how to figure them out and adjust things.

DO hope that you find this more successful and well done on your losses so far.... :)
It's just I sit and write everything down in my tracker and then again on here, which I find a bit tedious, so think a general blog would suit me better. I have managed to eat within points so far, even if I have been a little naughty at times, it's all within points- but I suppose that the reason why WW works as it is so flexible.
Kimboowee said:
Im crap at my food diary so I stick within here!

Have fun at the hen doo!
How's it going this week? Was naughty today and jumped on the scales again, says I'm down 1.5 so hoping I can sustain this for Tuesday!!!
Cant believe that go ahead crispy slices are 2pp a slice!!! Thats 6 for a packet!!! They taste nice though, so have brought a packet for if i struggle to fill my points one day ( which is very unlikely!) lol.
Really pleased aswell as got out some jeans that I brought last year that I could never do up, and now they fit!! Woo hoo!!! Tried 4 pairs on and 3 fit so well pleased, as my normal jeans are now too big, therefore I don't need to go out and spend any money!
Just been to the gym for the first time in about 12 months! Don't think I did too bad!
Managed 20 minutes on the treadmill, varying between jogging and walking, 10 minutes on the stepper and 10 minutes on the bike, all at low intensities until i get used to it. Then 50 sit ups and some leg weights! Bet i won't be so enthusiastic when I'm aching in the morning! Lol
Yayyy well done for the gym, reckon that 1.5 will get a bit higher!
And well done on the jeans, I've chucked all mine away =[

Ooo update about the book too, im in need of some new books!
Kimboowee said:
Yayyy well done for the gym, reckon that 1.5 will get a bit higher!
And well done on the jeans, I've chucked all mine away =[

Ooo update about the book too, im in need of some new books!
The books about a lady from Australia who lost a load of weight following WW, and it's her weight loss journey from beginning to end, some funny bits in it so far
Ooo will have to look that one up.
Really dont thinK i've lost anything this week. I've pointed everything and whats not fitted in dailies has been taken out of weeklies but I dont know!!
Well, had Saturday and Sunday off plan due to the hen doo, and have weighed myself today and it says 2lb up, so not very hopeful for tomorrow's WI!! I will go and face the music tho!
Just nearly killed myself doing Kettleworx cardio workout week one, but I made it through (just!) was feeling guilty bout my weekend off plan and thought I better try and salvage something from the week, although it won't do me any good for tomorrow I don't think: too little too late!
1lb on!!! : ( was expecting it though, so just need to get on with it this week, although got the wedding this sat!!!!
Kimboowee said:
Oooohh nooo =[
Do you have a plan for the wedding? It's my mums wedding at the start of oct but I know my weeklies won't cover it!
No idea what the menu is, gonna have cereal for breakfast, then see what the courses are, may just stick with starter and main, not the pudding, and then make healthy choices for the evening buffet. Wine with the meal, then onto vodka and diet coke for the evening I'm gonna save 40weeklies plus my 34 daily points for it and be really good with what I'm eating for the other days, if I gain again, I've got a couple of quiet weeks coming up after to get properly back on track.
Well I've been super good the last couple of days, and will be going the gym again tomorrow, and again on Monday. Don't feel like I've lost any yet and also know that I may gain due to the wedding on Saturday, but I will be getting straight back into it on Sunday.
Really enjoying my new book, makes a change from staring at the TV all night.
Gammon and egg and new potatoes for tea, am soooo looking forward to it!

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