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Shells diary


Silver Member
B: mixed melon n grape plus milky coffee hexa

L: j.potato brand lettuce tomatoes

Snack:mixed melon n grape and 1 banana

D; grilled lean need steak stir fried veg

S: mixed melon n grape

Hex b: 1 wm bread from 800g loaf

Syns 6 curly wurley

Drinks Pepsi max nas squash

Please advise this is day 1 diary :)

Is it too much? Any errors etc? Thanks!
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Silver Member
Ok today's went like this

B: 1 wm toast (large loaf) hex b with 1 banana on top black coffee

L jacket pot, beans, cheese hex a, lettuce toms cucumber

D grilled lean beef steak green beans dry roasted new potatoes

2 apples 2 kiwis for snack

Syns 3x choc malted milk biscuits 9 syns

Drinks Pepsi max, fanta zero, nas squash black coffee

Was really hungry after dinner so went back for the rest of the potatoes hope I've not eaten too much


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B: as above toast n banana

L: melon &grape

D: baked sweet potato grilled pork steak and stir fry veg of cabbage bean sprouts carrot pepper water chestnut

Snacks 2 n half apples 2 kiwis

Syns 4 biscuits at 3 syns each total 12 syns

Drinks sf squash Pepsi max
Coffee x2 with splash of skimmed milk didn't make the hexA today just a bit of it :)


Silver Member
B: hex B wm toast x1 from large loaf and bacon fat removed

L: jacket pot beans green salad

D: 4! Bgty sausages (2 syns total) baked sliced potato stir fry veg mushrooms and an egg :-/ I was starving lol

Snack melon n grape mix 2 x apples mullet light strawberry

Syns as above sausages plus 3 reasons cadburys hot choc (3 syns) 2 biscuits (6 syns) total syns 11 oh and 200 ml skimmed milk hex A not full amount again