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  1. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member


    Thought I would start a diary on here as I love reading through everybody elses and it's a nice way to get a bit of perspective when you feel like the only person doing what you are doing!

    So, I did Dukan in the past to lose some weight for my wedding and and lost 23lbs. However 3 years has past and I've put back on that and then some! I can't ever remember feeling thin, even when I was a child (even though I was a skinny tall kid) and since I met my now husband when I was 20 I've steadily put on weight, lost some, then put on some more until I got to my start weight of Dukan this time which is 15st 1lb.

    Every year I spend December doing a panic diet to try and lose a little bit of weight before traveling to see our family for Christmas, my Mum and step dad are fitness fanatics and incredibly weight critical, and this year I thought no I'm not doing that anymore, I want to lose weight for me not because I feel shame for what my parents think, so I'm going to do it properly.

    I'm now on day 3 of attack and in my first 3 daily weigh ins I have lost 7lb which I am absolutely ecstatic about! My aim is to do ten days of attack and then go into cruise and see it right until the end in stabilization. I don't think I've ever felt this motivated before so right now it really does feel like now or never and I'm so excited about this journey. Just the thought of doing it for myself not anyone else has felt like a massive weight (no pun intended) has been lifted off my shoulders.
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  3. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Hey Shez!!

    I am so excited for you as you start out on this journey!
    I won't offer any tips as you've clearly had Dukan success in the past, so I know you'll do it again ;)
    I'll just be here, cheering you on xoxox
  4. MattR

    MattR Full Member

    Fantastic stuff - and well done on losing so much so quickly...

    I am at almost exactly the same point - half way through my first week of attack. Have added a diary as well, which I will keep updated as I progress.

    Good luck - and stay focused!
  5. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Hi shezhoney!

    great to see your diary on here and reading your story....7lbs woop woop :)

    good luck!!! You are doing amazing :)

  6. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    Thanks guys appreciate the support :love:
  7. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hiya shez!

    Look forward to reading u :)

  8. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    So, weight in after day 4 today and I've lost another 1lb! I'm really shocked because I was convinced today I would stagnate. That Brings My Total To 8lb For 5 Days Attack So Far!

    My aim was to lose 10lb in 10 days of attack so I'm ahead of target but I think I'll sobecauses regardless whether I hit it eanutrition. m getting on with it quite well and I'm not at the desperate for vegetables stage yet. I am making sure to take a multi vitamin though because 10 days is a lot without other nutrition. I really wish there was a way to see how much of this weight loss is water retention because I can't get it out of my mind that it might all be so far?

    I also have a dilemma, we're going to stay with my in laws for 4 days after my attack finishes and there is no way possible to stick to this diet while I'm with them so I was thinking about trying to stick to consolidation instead of those 4 days, do you think that would be ok? I'm sure I will rebound a bit I just want to do damage limitation really and make the rebound as low as possible
  9. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    If I were you, I'd move to cruise and do a 4/4 rotation, so treat all the days that you're with them at PV days. Take your oatbran with you, and then at mealtimes, (if it's just standard meat and two veg) forgo the Carbs and the Alcohol. Put plenty of veggies on your plate and you shouldn't get too many funny looks! :)

    Maybe you could warn them about your diet, or that you're "trying to be healthy" beforehand. You never know, they might be really supportive.

    Whenever I go home, my Mum always gets in a tub of low fat cottage cheese and a packet of prawns without me even asking, even though she's a Weight Watchers veteran.
  10. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    If only I could :-( unfortunately the in laws are extremely cornish traditional which means most meals will revolve around pies, pasties, casserole etc and they tend to freak at the thought of any kind of diet and hubby's mum just tries to feed me more when she hears that word! She does major food guilt as well if you refuse something she's made even if it is for the sake of a diet and you've even told her beforehand!

    That's why I thought maybe consolidate for a couple of days because it's almost just eating normally and then going back on attack for a few days after but I am worried this won't be enough to compensate. Maybe I'll take a huge secret bag of boiled eggs and eat them in secret then when no ones looking put the dinner on hubby's plate :)
  11. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Hi shezhoney,

    if you look at my signature you will see I lost 7lb in the first week then went on holiday week was caravan holiday for 5 days. My intentions were good...I took all the food, but I couldn't hack eat what I wanted (including a full on Indian takeaway, meal for 2 £10.00 from tescos, crisps, lager....get the picture) weighed on the Sunday and gained 2.4lbs in 5 days, then did 2 attack days Sunday & Monday and by Tuesday I had lost exactly 2.4lbs, so then carried on where I left wasn't my intention, but hey 2 days is nothing in the grand scheme of things to get it straight back off....

    im im not suggesting you go c c c crazy like I did, but you have done so amazing if you have a gain you can get rid of it easy when you come back

    hope that helps :)

  12. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    That helps so much andi75 thank you :D I think it's because I'm a little worried it's all water. I need to just stop thinking about whether it's water or fat and just get on with it.

    so today I weighed and stayed the same. I was expecting it at some point though so I don't feel bothered at all about it. I remember the first time around this sent me into a binge as it made me feel so down, but not this time! I think I'm finding everything easier this time and nothing (apart from the first 2 days) has seemed like a hard ship. If I can carry on with this motivation I might be able to hit my goal by Christmas so I'm keeping that it my mind.

    I turn 29 in November and I'm adamant not to go into another year of my life fat!
  13. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    Despite all of my talk about how motivated I was this morning and finding things easy this time, today has been hell! We bumped into a friend in town and went for a couple of lunchtime drinks with him, I was so good and only drank water the whole time but I left feeling so deprived and that feeling has stayed with me all day :-( I haven't cheated which is great but I feel deflated. Hopefully I'll wake up to a loss tomorrow and it will have all been worth it!
  14. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    Awwwwww well done for resisting!! I am totally with you though with the deprived feeling....totally...that is how I felt for the first 2 days in the caravan, everyone else laughing joking eating crisps drinking beer with wild abandon, and me trying to enjoy myself, eating & drinking dukan alternatives and feeling really bloody miserable!!!

    you will feel better in the morning!!!!! Just think how deflated you would have felt it you had a 'sod it' moment & eat & drunk all the wrong have conquered today & don't forget that.....

    Whilst on cruise I keep repeating to's only short term it's only short term....and it is...til conso when we can enjoy some well earned freedom...


  15. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    Andi75 everything you say makes me feel so much better thank you :)

    well it was definitely worth it in the end because I had another 2 lbs off the scales this morning. How mad to think 6 days ago I was 10 lbs heavier! That's my attack goal hit so everything else from now is a massive bonus :)

    Just realised I haven't posted one menu yet so here goes

    B - scrambled egg and ham
    L- chicken liver with a few slices of salted onions and gravy made with bisto favourites gravy granules
    D - roasted chicken leg x 2

  16. Madmission

    Madmission Silver Member

    Wow well done amazing loss!! Xx
  17. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    Thanks madmission couldn't be more chuffed! Normally Id Celebrate with a glass of wine or a vodka but today will be a san pellegrino :)
  18. Andi75

    Andi75 Silver Member

    wow!!!!!!!! Looking at your stats and dates started just blow me away!!!! That is why I love dukan so much.....the kick start gives us so much motivation.....,:) :) :)

  19. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Brilliant work on the losses - and good plan for the in-laws weekend - hit up a little attack when you get back and you'll soon shed any little gains!
    It's a marathon, not a sprint, and you can definitely do this ;)

  20. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    Menu today

    B - 2 slices of ham with 2 poached eggs
    L - roasted chicken leg skin removed
    D - Homemade burgers with lean mince and a poached egg

    The scales stayed the same this morning, I had a really lazy day yesterday so that doesn't surprise me! Also things are obviously going to slow down from here on out which I'm OK with, I got a flying start so the smaller numbers aren't going to take my motivation down with them!

    I'm off to Harry Potter world on Friday before going to the in-laws which I'm ridiculously excited about so let's hope this week flies by!

    How is everyone else getting on after the weekend?
  21. shezhoney

    shezhoney Full Member

    Wow what a busy day haven' had time to post anything until now!

    Today I ate -

    B - scrambled egg and smoked salmon
    L - 6 chicken slices
    D - chicken liver, 2 slices of bacon (bit naughty), sauted onions and gravy made with bisto favourites granules

    I'm loving liver at the moment, I think it' because it has a different texture to the normal meat im eating! Scales were kind again today and i loat another 1lb so happy with that. Tomorrow is my last day of attack eeeeek! But then I'm on holiday for 4 days so onto damage limitation then back to attack for a couple of days to get rid of the damage!

    hope everyone has had a lovely day

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