SHhhh! (Surprise wedding)


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Lottie mentioned this thread to me earlier so thought I would have a look.

I am not losing weight specifically for my wedding but I will certainly be a whole lot happier being on 'public display' if i am slim again!
Got till end of March so plenty of time!

This is the ONLY place i can talk openly bout my not-so-big day as BF and I are planning to surprise our family and friends by getting hitched at the end of our baby's Naming Ceremony.

This thread might just save me from bursting!! (in more ways than one :D )

Jeanie x
oooohhh can you have a computer logged on at the ceremony and we will all be there with our fizzy water of course !!
Hi Jeanie,

How nice - Brilliant! I take it you don't know any dieters that might use this site? LOL!

I feel all special as we are part of your elite group :)

So how is it going today? Well done on your 4 day loss!!! Thats really good. It'll soon be dropping off you at that rate.

So what are you planning to wear? I guess it would give the surprise away if you got dressed up in a wedding dress and had a big bouquet :)
Hi Lottie,

Not many people at all - guess that makes us an even more elite group! :)
Had a good day - especially as it started with my weigh in! How bout u?
You're right about the merangue dress - that's what I was meaning when I said before that I didn't have a dress to 'slim into' as such. Tho I am hoping to be no bigger than a size 16 in whatever I choose to wear that day. The key word here being 'choose' and not 'settle for' in Evans or similar :(

Jeanie x
Hi Jeanie,

Don't worry, you can do it!!! They say that you can lose 1 stone a month if you stick to Cambridge 100%, and in my experience, it is quite often more than that! It's just having that determination and really visualising yourself succeeding and then you will do it.

I know what you mean about Evans - however, I do really some of the clothes in there. I'm somewhere between 16-20 (depending on the shop and the style) at the moment and I went on a shopping trip last weekend and although I can now shop in other stores, I still go myself a couple of things from there. I like their belts as they hide a multitude of sins!!

Anyway, better just update my diary and then I'm going back to bed (got a stinking cold and feel really rough) - I've been wanting to jump on here all day, but boyfriends has been in house and he'd tell me off for sitting in the cold when I'm poorly - he's just gone out - he he!!

Chat Soon xx
Hi Lottie,

Sorry to hear you not well, sending you some lemony & paracetamoly hugs to warm u up! (((( :) ))))
Think U r doin v. well to SS with a cold - U go girl!!
Nice that BF is there to fetch and carry for u while u whinge!

I know what u mean bout Evans havin some nice thing and I agree bout the belt too but when I lost weight last time I SWORE I would never need to shop in outsize shops again and although I haven't got as far as Evans yet I am back in the plus size sections of other high st stores such as New Look. Am sure that if i hadn't found CD when I did did i would be buying an outfit for Xmas do from Evans tho!

BUT I won't be buying my wedding outfit there!!! :D :D :D

Get well soon

Jeanie x
Morning Jeanie,

How is the diet going? How that you are doing well! I was in bed most of yesterday and then when I got up, I was naughty so I didn't log on out of shame.

I'm not feeling too good with self today. However, need to move forward and get back into a good routine. Today is looking as though it will be a busy one at work again (got the auditors in).

I'll be on tonight, so maybe we can have a chat then.
Hi lottie,
so far so good with the diet - made it thru the 1st w/end and I always find w/end the hardest as my BF eats delicious smelling, tempting food in the flat and I cannot ask him not to eat around me! Also weekends were always a time to 'treat' ourselves and food is just the easiest way to do that. And I missed my regular glass (or 3) of wine... :(
Yesterday we found the perfect venue for our wedding reception/Naming ceremony party. It's the local tennis club and the location is perfect (staggering distance from home) and the price v. reasonable to so we are v. happy bout that. Now we just need to work out a guest list! (did i mention how unorganised we are?! :D).

Jeanie x
Great!!! Wedding Chat :) :) :)

First of all, well done on your first weekend without giving into temptation (we've said enough about mine). It's awful isn't it when you smell something nice - I swear that my senses get heightened when I'm SS'ing. I'm with you on the 'weekend treats', but yes that is the old us isn't it.

How fantastic being in staggering distance from home for the ceremonies, at least you wont be needing transport. I just realised that I haven't asked about your baby, how rude. Is it a boy/girl? How old? Are you a full-time mum at the moment? I'd really like to get pregnant after the wedding. I'm 32 at the moment and I'd say that I'm more than ready, it was always just circumstances that got in the way.

Anyway, i really must go to bed now, I just keep delaying myself!

Hope you enjoyed the yoga!
Hi Lottie,

Good to hear from you. I hope today was a better day for you.

I have 7 month old daughter called Ruby and she truly is a gem! We weren't planning to have a baby just yet (oops! :rolleyes: ) but once we were over the initial shock we loving being a family. Don't get me started tho cos pre-Ruby I hated it when my friends would only talk about their chn and now I am in danger of becoming a 'baby bore' and have to keep a check myself!! :eek:

I am still off work at the moment due to issues regarding my job and the affect on my health but had planned to go back in September. Starting to think now that I won't return there cos too much has happened.

Need to think of a new job. I did consider being an Avon lady but every friend I have told just p****s themselves laughing at that idea! Back to the drawing board I guess! :)

Jeanie x
Oh my god...I love the idea of doing it as a surprise at the end of another event! That is brilliant!
Well We've had some movement today! The registrar finally rang me back. They do have somebody available to accomodate our request on the 24th March afterall but he is away on holiday for 2 weeks so we have to wait for him to ring us. And I took the booking form to the Tennis club to book it for the reception It's beginning to feel real now. And v. exciting!! :D
Hi Jeanie,

So pleased that you've set a date so that you've got a target to aim for - mind you it sounds as though you are doing really well on your diet - well done on week 2!

I've got to ring the registrar this week - we booked our honeymoon in my married name and so i've got to get him to sign a form to confirm that I can have a passport in my new name. It's one of those jobs that you cant do until a certain date and then keep forgetting about when that date eventually comes around!

I've updated my ticker today so that I have a fresh start, so I've put it back to zero - I see that we have about the same amount of weight to lose and so we'll have to motivate each other along the way.

Thank you ever-so much for your support over the last week - it's been a bit of a yo-yo, but I'm feeling strong again today and so it's just taking it each day as it comes. I made a few decisions regarding my work as instead of taking the time to write my grievance list, I've pushed all thoughts of it to the back of my mind, pretended it was all fine but ate for England instead. I really need to find a new comforting tool!

Anyway, chat soon - looking forward to hearing more of your wedding/diet news!!
Hi shimsham (and lottie)

Im glad your still sticking with it, your doing brill!
Wedding plans seem to be coming along, well done, it all sounds very exciting! :)

Day 1 for me today! Dont ask! :eek: