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  1. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    I'm 26 yrs old.

    I have never been 'thin'. I've always bought clothes that fit to hide the fat. Every time I'd go clothes shopping I'd stare at myself in the changing room mirror and my cellulite would be so obvious under the glare of that horrible incandescent light and swear to myself that I wouldn't put on any more weight but work to lose the last few pounds I had just gained.

    My mum and dad have always wanted me to lose weight for my health more than anything. I want to too. But the more I seemed to want, I guess I just didn't want it enough because the last few years have seen me put on 6 stone too much.

    Studying a lot during university didn't help. I would shy away from physical activity. I'd find it boring - to be honest still do.

    I ate when I was happy, when I was stressed, sad, frustrated, bored you name it, I'd find an excuse.

    Things got so bad I wouldn't want to eat in public because I would think people would be judging me cos of what the fat girl was eating. I would play the 'fat' game - sizing up all the girls and feel bad when I realised I was the fattest person in the room.

    I tried CWP for my wedding last year but didn't really manage it. I was 13st when I got married. We went on our honeymoon and I put on even more weight. Started a new job just after which involved sitting around for the whole day instead of being on my feet. Put on even more.

    So at the beginning of April I weighed a whopping 14st 12lb. Way too much for being 5'0". I felt like the hulk, bursting out of the shirts. My trousers started to get tight and my 'fat clothes' weren't even fitting. So I decided to draw the line there and refused to buy clothes a size up. I did a solid 4 weeks on the plan then had to go to a dinner at the start of May and then got sidetracked off the plan for a couple of weeks. I have been back on it now for the last 5 days.

    I weighed myself today and I now weigh 13st 9lb. So, so far, I have lost 17lbs in total. I am happy with this but still have a long way to go. My mum and dad live in another country and so I won't see them for a while. The next time I see them, I want to be smokin hot! haha

    My first mini-goal is 12 stone by the end of June which is when I go on holiday!

    Hopefully I'm well on track.

    So off I go to have a protein meal - I'm doing sole source plus. It helps me stay focussed. I have been eating zero noodles which are not bad actually ... zero carbs, zero calories. I'm going to go have them with some egg, cottage cheese and mushrooms. it may not sound that appetizing but it tastes quite nice actually!
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  3. hayley29

    hayley29 Full Member

    Hi Hun your doing really well :) I'm on day 5 never even thought I would get here!! I have been really good until today where I cracked and ate 2 small biscuits :( but I feel positive again and back on track gonna have my last shake later on tonight I'm working tonight til 10 so hoping will take my mind off food!!

    I started at 16'4 and weighed this morning and am 15,10 :D so going in the right direction xx
  4. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    Hi Hayley! don't worry about the biscuits. it won't even kick you out of ketosis so just forget about it.
    You've lost 8 pounds already! it's such a good feeling isn't it! :D:D
  5. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    So people talk about feeling the cold with ketosis. I don't usually feel cold. Usually I feel hot.
    However, today it was 25 degrees outside and yes it is the evening now and it is getting cooler. but I am inside with the fire on. Two jumpers. socks. fleece pjs and COLD!

    anyway, maybe i'll go have my mix a mousse now. it should be ready.
  6. firelass

    firelass Full Member

    oh how is the mix a mouse? I'm not alowed it yet because I'm only on week two quite annoying lol I'm a student, just going into 4th year after the summer. I hate walking across the class room. More so with my coat off, I really hate presentations. So hopeing to be a whole new me by the time we go back.

    I have just stuck to the things in my book so far. Not sure on all the things I can cook yet. I've never heard of zero noodles, I love noodles so these would be fab for me. What are they made out of? I need to google them.

    Your doing really well do far :D :D go team.
    oh and yeah, it was roasting hot in edinburgh today, everyone was out in shorts and small tops. I was in a jumper complaining about a little breeze lol
  7. Mememe

    Mememe Silver Member

    Flossnoscar I was about to start a diary for my day one and just came across yours and its like reading my own! Even down to height, weight and goals!

    great success so far and wish you lots if luck x can't wait to be in the 12's as the last time for me was 3 years ago after I had my children.

    good luck! Keep going xxxx
  8. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    Hello everyone!
    Good morning!

    The mix- a mousse was lovely. I used CrazyDiamond's instructions and it was the best I ever had. haha. I used 150ml of water and a scoop of the mix a mousse powder. mixed the shake and the powder together then added them to the water in the blender. Stuck it in the fridge for bout 10 min or so. I might mix a fruits of the forest pack and a chocolate pack (half of each) and make that this morning.

    Zero noodles are made from a japanese plant I think. Cant remember. I get them at holland and barretts.

    Mememe - I see we are similarly built. I think we will feel quite good and see a real difference once we hit the 12s. keep in touch.

    So I decided to weigh myself this morning. Bad idea :/ I went up 2lbs from yesterday. I think this is the problem with daily weighing. There is so much of a fluctuation in our weight from day to day that if you do it and dont see the number going down it is very disheartening.
    I think I really need to stop doing it. BUT IT'S LIKE AN ADDICTION. I wake up in the morning feeling really skinny and then see the scales saying I'M GAINING. not possible. the battery is 'low' on the scales so maybe that's what it is hahaha. I think I just need to stop checking every bloody day. That's my new aim.

    at least I'm still in ketosis. I checked this morning. so BY DEFINITION, I'm burning fat. right? right.
  9. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member


    So it's 11:05pm. I have really really struggled today. I just want it to be tomorrow and feel better.
    I did a semi-cheat I have to admit. Not a full on badness. I had extra 'allowed' food. Well I had more zero noodles with mushrooms and FRIED it with curry powder. Sigh. Probably won't be out of ketosis, but more calories than I would have liked.
    I am still craving REAL food. It didn't even taste nice.

    A part of me just wants to say screw it and have something to eat and then get right back on it tomorrow. But the idea of the guilt and disappointment I know I would feel tomorrow and the nightmares of trying to get back in ketosis is what is stopping me.

    OH pleaseeeee let me feel better tomorrow. PLEASE.
  10. Mememe

    Mememe Silver Member

    I hope you just went straight to bed!
    That 'cheat' will be fine. It's all from the allowed list so as you said it won't take you out of ketosis at all. No sense beating yourslef up by a few extra calories. You will still be in ketosis and that's what you want x

    Hope your feeling much more positive today! Can't give up we are relying on each other - and As we have the same stats you won't be happy if I meet goals before you ;-) lol bit of competition drive you? X
  11. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    Hope you're feeling better this morning, you'll get onto the flow soon enough.

    You kinda have to learn that that feeling probably isn't hunger but habit, boredom or something similar, the fact you say craving kinda says it all. actual hunger your tummy will be growling like anything, you will feel weak and lethargic, it's only after several weeks on plan I learnt what it feels like since I've spent my whole life giving into everything I 'fancy' and that's how we got here. Old habits are hard to break but this is what you're gonna do.

    You've already taken the biggest step by committing to this candice, now is the time to focus, read your Cambridge book over and over, read the forums, look at others photos, change your focus! Get back onto clothes websites and keep on adding to the lists, make it so failing is not an option.

    I wrote a bit of an essay on my diary last night, well actually a couple of them, have a read, it might help.

    I hope I don't sound harsh, i just want to give a little tough love, I don't want you to fail, and the quicker your get completely on plan and focused the quicker you will reach your goal, lets just get it over and done with right??

    Today is a fresh new sunny day, a beautiful 100% on plan day. You can do it, just think in a few months how slim and lovely you will be (not that you're not lovely already!)
  12. Mememe

    Mememe Silver Member

    Crazydiamond I love reading your posts, always very focused and positive x
  13. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    Thanks hun, If not slightly obsessed with it all..... ;-p
  14. Mememe

    Mememe Silver Member

    Definitely one of the better things in life to be obsessed with lol x
  15. Casbebe

    Casbebe Full Member

    Hi Candice, great honest diary so far! I would start a diary, but I'm just not interesting enough lol.

    We have similar stats, except height. I'm 5'5. Don't really have a goal weight set, it's more about how I look and feel but I'm guessing it will be about 10-11st.

    I just wanted to share this link with you, I received it from KGB Deals this morning. Not sure if its the same noodles you're on about but just on the off chance!;kigdb=9e78c68d-6fca-4bc9-98dd-56b0ff03031a

    I hope you have a great, 100% day today! ~Cas x
  16. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    Good morning everyone!
    Thanks for all the kind and motivational messages! Really really appreciate it! Ria - I will definitely read your essays. You're always inspiring. And Stacey, I am competitive by nature, so you're on! hehe but joking aside, I love that you're here doing this with me. Thanks x

    So I am sitting here with my chocolate and ice shake. Feeling better this morning. I did weigh myself again and although the scales have gone up yet *again* I am not disheartened. I am still in ketosis and I have a sneaky suspicion that I might be retaining water. My TOTMs are irregular and widely spaced yet I still find that I occasionally retain when I'm meant to get them. So I will just stick to the shakes and water and hope for the best.

    I still feel 'thin' if that makes sense. My tummy is noticeably flatter and I feel great so I'm going on that. Also, as a little bonus, I put on a pair of wellies this morning that I usually struggle to put on due to my fat calves. But lo and behold, they slipped right on nice and good with a wee bitty of wiggle room to boot! So if I'm losing inches from my calves(!) I must be doing something right! So that gave me a right good boost this morning (unlike the weather in foggy rainy Glasgow).

    The french open is playing on the tv. I <3 Nadal. Oh I love that guy. I hope he wins it. He is playing at noon today. So I shall watch/study.

    OH is coming back home this evening and I promised him turkey burgers. So I will make them with some egg whites, parsley, and spring onions - all allowed on cambridge so I might have a small one myself.

    So I was looking at pictures of me earlier this morning. I hardly have any 'fat' ones. And no body shots apart from wedding photos. There's this one particular photo that was taken on our honeymoon that I look absolutely massive in. And I can't help but wonder why I was in such denial. I mean obviously I knew I was fat but I didn't *really* bother to do anything about it. I haven't posted any pictures yet, and until I won't until I get down to 12stone. then I will post before and afters.
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  17. Mememe

    Mememe Silver Member

    I'm glad your feeling better today. The thing we have to remember is being in ketosis you can't not lose weight. It's that simple. So if the scales don't move for a while then we know that there will be a big loss just around the corner and cannot get off track!

    I've always been in denial your not alone. I think the security of our relationships allows us to stay in denial as we have comfort and someone who loves us as we are and we pretend that that's enough and weight doesn't matter when it really does.

    I won't be sharing pictures until I am happy ish with my size as I can't look at them myself yet

    today is a great day!
  18. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    Exactly, we've let ourselves become in denial because OH loves us regardless.

    Today is a good day. x
  19. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    I really need to share this recipe because it is so delicious I can't even believe it!

    Turkey burgers! - turkey mince, one egg white, parsley, green onions, salt, pepper, a wee bit of cumin and smoked paprika.
    Grilled in the foreman with steamed broccoli on the side.

    YUM!! I think this is something I'll make even after i'm through with CWP.
  20. Mememe

    Mememe Silver Member

    That sounds lovely! I'm on SS though so will save that for later.

    you had a good day then? X
  21. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    I have, stacey.
    I couldn't even finish the dinner. And i've had 2 shakes only so far. absolutely stuffed.
    it's the end of my day 7. as the days go by, you get less and less hungry. then the only thing that remains difficult is ignoring the cravings/emotional reasons to eat.
    keeping busy helps.

    my husband came home and he's noticed that i seem a bit thinner! hehe i dont know if he says it to be nice but it's good to hear nonetheless.

    ahh, back to work tomorrow. it was nice having a long weekend off.
    this week i'm going to try sole source only i think. buuuut i'll see how it goes.
    thanks to my laziness, i may not even feel like cooking a dinner after work. at the most i might make an egg. but that's my aim this week. and up the water i think.

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