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Shift Working and Syns

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Hi All,

Just a quick question for those of you who are also shift workers. I do a variety of shifts including night shift and wondered how others have found their eating habits to be?

Also, should i always work my syns out from midnight to midnight?

I struggle the most with nightshifts and want to know im not alone with it!!! :)
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I do nights to!
I start my day at midnight And have cereals at the 2 am break, come in and go to bed. Then i have ryvitas n philly light for dinner when i get up. Then tea before i go back to work.
I dont have synns till weekend.
I do take extra fruit in case i get a bit peckish inbeteeen the hrs x

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Put the kettle on
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I do shifts (not a full on night shift though!) and they do mess with my eating habits. I sometimes end up eating four meals a day on some of them! Ive always kept a stash of sw friendly quick and easy things in my drawer like mug shots fat free supernoodles etc in case i get hungry and dont have anything with me. Ive also recently started cooking in batches on my rest days and freezing it in portions, so its easier to take something in to microwave or have something quick and easy when i get home from work. Cant believe ive never done this sooner!!
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I do relief work and am actually doing a night shift tonight. The problem is I also worked in the day today so effectively will be awake for 24 hours, I also struggle to sleep in the day so if I get 4 hours I'm lucky. I'm being a bit naughty I think and counting it as 3 days (so 45 syns) although I have made some sf stir fry beef and sf bacon rossttis to take tonight so will hopefully have no syns but am allowing myself the extra 15 so I don't feel bad if I do cave to the sweets or cakes that staff always bring in.
Then got food for cooked breakfast for when I get up tomorrow coz I will neeeeeeed it. Lol.
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I usually go from waking up til going to bed too, I often find myself eating 4 meals especially the first and last days.

But I'm less likely to snack on synful stuff, less tempation through the night so I think it all balances up x
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Just wanted to say that I am pretty impressed with myself after tonight's night shift. Stuck only to the food I had brought with me (first time ever) and had lots of red bull but made sure it was sugar free and lots of coffee so I have probably gone over my milk allowance for the day. So between 7.30 yesterday and 7.30 today (and being awake the whole time) all of my syns have come from the (small) buffet plate I had on my course - and even then had sandwiches with brown bread, a couple of fish goujons and a tiiiiiiiiiiny piece of cake. I have to guesstimate but I'd say 13 syns and after being up for 24 hours that's not bad!!! :)
Sorry, am just feeling very pleased with myself and wanted to share.

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