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Taking the Scenic Route..
Ok so i have been inspired to start my own diary.
I have been taking Xenical for over a week now, and the previous couple of weeks i took Alli (as go wouldn't prescribe me Xenical)

Im 24, mother to 3young boys.
I am a full time mother, with a passion for food! :eek:
Been overweight since my childhood. Tried every diet you can think of under the sun! And have never ever lost up to a stone yet! I specialise in gaining them however ;)

I would really like to do this for myself, my kids and everyone who says i cant do it!

Looking forward to sharing my story with all of you.

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Good luck with your journey! How have you been finding Xenical? I think it's great and I've never lost so much weight in such a short space of time.



Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi Kelly thanks alot! :D

Im really enjoying it so far...i dont feel as though i am missing out on anything so im happy ;)

Well done on your losses! Keep up the great work xxx
Yeah I feel the same, I don't really get bad cravings like I have in the past.
Thank you - I have just about lost all my holiday gain so my next target is to loose another 2 stone by Christmas, which is 14 weeks away so that's an average of 2lb a week. :) xxx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thats also my target Kelly...im sure we will do it!! xxx

Ok so today....

Breakfast - Just a boots strawberry nougat choc bar

Lunch - ww lasange, micro chips

Dinner - ww tortilla wrap filled with half sweet potatoe mashed, grilled chicken breast and avacado.

Snacks - ww mini cookies, ww double choc brownie.

Got the evil witch last night, so Today was not the best! Always crave naughty things when totm But back on track tomo :)



Taking the Scenic Route..
Today wasn't too bad... looking forward to weigh in on Thursday, hope i have lost another 2lbs :rolleyes:

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with milk and a little splender.

Lunch - Grilled chicken breast left over from yesterdays dinner, 2 large mushrooms and half sweet potatoe.

Dinner - King prawn and mushroom curry with rice.

Snacks - 1 boots shapers strawberry nougart choc bar, 1 skinny cow mint ice cream lolly.



Taking the Scenic Route..
Ok, so add 2 crumpets to that ^^^
(Knew i wrote that too early! ha)



Taking the Scenic Route..
Didn't get a chance to get online yesterday but i had...

Breakfast - half a bageut (sp) with egg..

Lunch - Nothing (naughty!)

Dinner - Low fat spag bol

Snacks - 1riveta with low fat cheese spread, healthy choices ham and cherry tomatoes.
Half small bag of twiglets.

Has the egg given you any side effects? I love eggs but am a bit worried to try!


Violet is shrinking
Hey Fru, doing well hun!!! keep going :party0011:

Hi down size..i like a scrambled egg,im yet to try one yet..they say its the yolk that could be the problem, you could try just using the white instead?

Im going to try a egg friday,on toas for lunch i think,i'll let you know how i do..then we all react different dont we? :D


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hey ladies :)
Eggs have never given me any problems personally. If I have omelette I use 3whites and 1yolk. I have them about 2-3times a week as well.
Hth xx

Breakfast - weetabix, milk little splender

Lunch - spag bol (left over from last nite)

Dinner - rice with a little stew

Snacks - 2 rivetas topped with low fat darylea, healthy choices ham and cherry toms.
Handful of fat free sweets

hope you are doing ok...

the omlette sounds nice, and only using 1 yoke to 3 whites is a good idea... (must remember that for when i start eating again!)

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