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Shlinz's food diary


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Ok, so i'm gonna try and keep a food diary up to date on here, to try and keep me on the straight and narrow and if i'm going wrong anywhere i'm relying on you all to give me a kick up the bum and put me right!

I'm Linz and looking to lose at least 7 stone, due to have my 3rd weigh in 2moz night (so far have lost 6.5 lbs) and currently on 28 points a day.

Todays menu (29/11/09)

2 boiled eggs & a brown roll - 5 pts
ww chocolate brownie slice - 1.5 pts
No point soup
Brown roll with slice of ham - 3 pts
Homemade Chicken Curry - 6 pts
Boiled Rice - 3
WW Chocolate Mousse Cake - 2.5 pts

21 Points used so far.

And had 1 and a quarter hour workout at the gym.

So not too bad and can still have a snack later.
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Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
So still had 7 pts left for today,

have since had a pkt of cheesy wotsits - 2 pts
strawberry shape yog - 1 pt (i think)


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Had a day off work today and met with my mum and a few friends for lunch...so today was....


2 Toast & Flora Light - 3 pts
WW caramel wafer - 1.5 pts

Southern fried chicken wrap with side salad and a few curly fries - 15 pts (to be on the safe side)

WW Ocean Pie - 3.5 pts

Total - 23 pts so far today.

Also had an hour at the gym this morning.

So, just had my 3rd weigh in and lost 3.5 lbs, bringing my total to 10 lbs!!! And have now dropped a point for my daily allowance so down to 27..x


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
So it's tuesday and i'm down to 27 pts but only just remembered that!!! lol

2 toast with cooked ham - 3.5 pts
Grapes - 1 pt

WW no point soup - 0 pts
1 slice bread - 1 pt
Strawberry shape yog - 1 pt
WW caramel wafer - 1.5 pts

4 fish fingers/chips/beans - 10 pts
2 laughing cow triangles - 1.5 pts

2 pkt Wotsits - 3 pts
Milky Way - 2 pts
Ham & tomato toastie - 3 pts

Total - 27.5 pts........

Also had a session at the gym and clocked up 4.5 extra points....phew!

Have a big night out on Fri so will be extra good rest of the week.


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Wednesday already....this week's flying in!

Weetabix bites & s/skim milk - 3.5 pts

Soup & 2 bread - 5.5 pts
Wotsits - 1.5 pts

ww Lasagne & 2 Potato Waffles - 7.5 pts

Milky Way - 2 pts
Shape Yog - 1 pt
Aero Mousse - 1.5 pts
1/2 slice choc cake - 4

Total used - 26.5 pts
Leaving a huge - 0.5 pts!!

You'll prob note that i'm not the healthiest on here!! But i'll introduce more fruit/veg as I go along, especially when I start to plateau, at least by then i'll have lots I can cut out..


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
I'm great at keeping up my diary.....not!!! Never have been tho!

Have been really struggling the past few days and not been pointing either which dsnt help. Have pointed for today but gone over by 4.5 pts....so from tomoro i'm 100% back on track and will track everything again and pull it back for my w/i on Mon.


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Morning, today is a new day and i'm focused and WILL be 100% within my points. there really should be no reason why I can't stay within my points cos lets face it I have more than enough......27!!

Breakfast will be:

2 boiled eggs & 2 toat & butter - 5.5 pts


Heinz Minestrone & 1 bread - 3 pts


Fish Fingers, chips & beans - 10 pts

Thats 18.5 pts and leaves 8.5 pts for extras and at the moment it's like old mother hubbard in my house.......shopping late tonight so my snacks will prob consist of milky way, wotsits, ww caramel wafer or a brunchbar.......not very healthy at all but rather some of that than a big bar of choc or potato crisps!! No fresh fruit at all but have a few tins so will have some of that.

About to head to the gym shorty for a much needed workout, will just crank up the ipod and plod on!!.


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hey jen, they are 1 pt each!!

Been not too bad this weekend, although I was out for lunch yest but had a chicken wrap and then at my hubby's works do last night at the Indian but i'm not a fan of Indian food so had a steak with onions and mushrooms and a few chips!!! and a good few bevvys!!!! but didnt go too over the top.....but had an hour and half at the gym this morning to work some of it off and will hopefully have a loss tomoro night!!

How have u been??.x
Not too bad thanks! I'm glad I read this before I popped to tescos, I have some for my tea this week!!! :)

It is good that you can still have a treat night, and it doesnt affect the plan too much :D I love that about WW!

Good luck for tomorrow night!!!! x


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Back again to try the food diary logging thing!!!! lol....as you can see i'm rubbish at at!!.


b/fast - banana 1.5

Lunch - turkey salad with tsp of coleslaw - 3.00
wotsits - 2.00

Dinner - 2 bread - 2.00
2 waffles - 3.00
half tin spag hoops - 1.50

Extras - milky way - 1.5
apple - 0.5
grapes - 1.0

Total - 16 pts.......leaving 9 pts.

Lets hope I can keep this up!!! lol..x


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Hey Shanny, It just means i've 9 left for today so far, will use some more later this evening after i've been to the gym - i'm always starving after the gym!

I'll aim to leave 4 a day, i'm hoping to have a good loss this week.
Have been fairly low the last couple of weeks due to different night out and over indulging! So just trying to pull it back a bit..xx


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
Back from an hour and a half workout at the gym, absolutely starving so have just munched my way thru 6 crackerbreads with light philidelphia with garlic & herb......yummmmmm and only 3 pts!!!
leaves me with 6.

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