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Hi everyone

Last night I was going through some old boxes and found photos of me about 4 years ago, about a year after having my 1st son. I was prob a size 8 - 10 and looked amazing!! I didn't realise how brill I looked. It made me really upset cause I am SO ashamed of what weigh I have put on, how could I be so bad to myself?? I think I cried for a good couple of hours! In the photo Im in ibiza really brown and have no tummy at all. it was like seeing myself for the first time in years, I simply dont reconise the person I am now, I compared it with the photo of I got taken on Week 1 of LL and it was like two very different people, the photo of me in Ibiza I was simply sparkling! I looked amazing! the first week of LL there was no sparkle and I looked so unhappy! If I ever needed a shock to keep me going until i reach goal this is it! If I wasnt on LL and had looked at these photos I prob would have went into a total depression and ate everything in sight. It was so good to know im on my way back to being myself again! I know that next year ill be that person againand that feels so good. its was such a hear pill of reality to swallow!

I told one my best friend the other day Im on LL she has been amazing saying she will do anything to support me and help me! Its friends like this that mean everything to me!!

On another note I am going off for a couple of days with my cousin her daughter and my two sons. Really looking fwd to it and Im not at all bothered about not eating we will have so much more things to do!!

Hope everyone has a good week. Ill be back on sunday!

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Aww hun, at least your doing something to get yourself back to where you want to be. Totally understand how you feel, I've put on 2 stone in 1 year and have a picture of myself last year and can't believe I done that to me either. At least we are on the right path now. Enjoy your few days away.


nearly there!! :)
delighted u recognised that with ll ull soon be back to that rather than going off the rails hunni, thats a big achievment.
hope u have a good time xx
Thanks peeps!

I am so glad I found LL and this forum! without it I would be sitting eating and eating and getting bigger. Now im getting thinner and thinner.
will have a fab time and everyone be good!!
just read your lovely post, at least you are doing something positive about your weight... your like me i am so grateful for lighter life.... enjoy your time away.


Fighting Demons....
I bet that there are a fair few people on this forum that know that feeling! ;) I am definitely one of them! You see a photo of how you looked before the weight gain. And you do feel horrible. My plan is to remember that feeling seeing my weight now and knowing I have put so much weight on. So long as I remember that moment I will never go back to that spot again. The weight will stay off!!! :D

B x
*hugs* Emzski, please don't feel ashamed or be hard on yourself - we've all made that mistake and to be honest for a lot of us, it's being so hard on ourselves that helped us to put on the weight - it lowers oue esteem.

Just look at how gorgeous you were, how gorgeous you are, and how gorgeous you will be.

ETA: You say how could you be so bad to yourself? That underlines what I mean - don't be bad to yourself now - love yourself and offer yourself the same support you would to someone else!
Super post Emski

There are so many reasons we allow ourselves to gain weight. It is usually hiding something. It's never because we are greedy.
I recently met someone after 25years who told me I'd hardly changed - little did they know I've just lost 10stone!!:psiholog:
You are getting your sparkle back -enjoy the ride.

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