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shocked and confused


I will never give up
hi everyone im just trying to get the hang of pro points as im coming over after beeing on exante for a few months anyway i thought id officially start monday and in the mean time am still have 3 shakes which work out at 6 pp each and then make the rest up to 30. so this morning i had a shake for breakfast and some fruit and just went to get my lunch shake but was rather hungry so i thought id have 2 eggs, half a tin of beans and 1 slice of toast i came in and whilst eating i thought id check on the online calculator how many pps this worked out at and im competely shocked to say 10 pps i thought it was a tiny little dish so i wasnt expecting that. anyway that leaves me with 2 left for the day so will be chomping on fruit if i get hungry.
i was just wandering if anyone has any other ideas of low point lunches as im waiting for my starter packs to arrive.
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I tend to stick with pasta for lunch tbh. It works out at 1pp for 10g and i just bulk it out with a load of peppers, tomatoes, spring onions, mushrooms etc so that the only points are in the pasta. I then have a big bowl of fruit for pudding - some times with a vanilla mullerlight (2pp) which is really scrummy. And as a snack i pinch one of the kiddies' hartleys sugar free jellies which are free.

I know some foods amaze at how high they are, my main advice is to try and have lots of veg to bulk yourself out. Good luck with your first week x


I will never give up
thanks would veg do you put in your omelettes?
peppers and onions are 0 point and yum in an omlette:) i just had melba toast and light cheese and jam for 4pp for lunch:)
I'd go with some peppers, onions and cherry toms with button mushrooms. Depends on what you're in to really... a bit of ham or bacon added in is always good, and i also quite like broccoli in an omlette.


I will never give up
Ok thanks need to sort out my shopping list now just to confirm is all fruit and veg free? Wnother little shocker was one of those baby tins of tuna was 5 pps and i thought protein things would be quite low.
To be honest i haven't found anything to be better - carbs / protein the same. I just find that most is double the old points.

Not all fruit / veg are free - Sweetcorn and peas are not free, potato and parsnips are not free either. Dried fruit is not free. Can't think of any more of the top of my head as they're the only other ones i eat.

Oh - stirfry can be a great low point lunch x


I will never give up
Thanks so much it will take a while to get used to i suppose but will be good in the end as i remember doing the old one 10 years ago and loved it. Ive just ordered some melba toast and a few weight watchers dinners and loadsa fruit and veg. I just hope i lose the weight after coming off exante.
I'm sure you'll be fine - just go with it and be patient.... it might be a little slower than you're used to but it will be something that you can learn and make a lifestyle change! you've done so well looking at your signature... keep it up xxx
Spyro as you know Ive been gradually introducing food. I started at 22 points and had a gain 0.2lbs so stayed on that for another day. Then went up to 24, then 26 and today Im aiming for 27. So far this week Ive actually managed to lose 1/2lb which I am quite happy about.

As for low point lunches - Ive been sticking with a tin of ww soup and a slice ww bread. comes out around 3 or 4 points depending on the kind of soup leaving plenty for the rest of your meals.


I will never give up
Thats a good idea joanne will have to add soup and ww bread to my list. I havnt weighed my self today but the other day i had about 22 then 24 and i went up 3lbs and down 1lb the following day yesterday was abit bad as didnt count so todays my first day making a total of 30 which includes my 3 shakes and from monday im gonna cut down to 2 shakes for a few days and then down to 1 for breakfast with fruit til my shakes run out.
Good luck with it Spyro. I am still considering returning to Exante again after a couple of months but will have to see how I go. I still have around 80 shakes to use up though so its just as well Im happy to stick with them for breakfast, lol.


I will never give up
I did have another months supply but just sold them as i think its a good time for me to learn new eating habits and lose the rest. Hopefully it will stay off for good.

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