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Shop Sizes


Goodbye Tum
Hi all, I've been in 'normal' shops twice now and had tears in one as everything I tried on fitted but I was just wondering, who's sizes are big, who's are small and who's are fair????

I've never been below an 18 so it's all new to me, I've got some 16's that fit, some that don't, some 18's that are huge on me and some that are just right.
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Cant help with the sizes question just popped on to say wtgg on your loses ,im still not quiet into a size 20 (can get them on just little to tight).So dont you get to comfortable at that 18/16 size im chasing you lol all the best for this new year hope it is going to be our year xxx


Goodbye Tum
Hi Mandy, this will be our year and here's to battling over who gets in their 14's first, I've got some jeans and they look like tights when I put them on hee hee. I consider on even if it's a tight muffin affair a goal, I can remember when I first got a pair of 22 jeans and stuffed myself in them unable to breathe but they 'fitted' hee hee, roll on slimdome xx


Loving the Cambridge Diet
It is like a child being let into the sweetie shop for the first time!

On Boxing Day I went to the Boundary Mill at Shire Moor - an outlet store.

Prior to CD and a size 28 I could only buy from Elvi there.

Now a size 18 I had the whole shop to choose from!!! Could hardly believe it!

Some of the 18's were swimming on me, some were just right. Some of the 16's fitted - I was just having a whale of a time with the choices!!

All this choice I have never had before - wowee!!

I was dizzy with the excitement of it all!

Enjoy the choices, I am sure we will soon come to find the companies that we like eventually.



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I know what you mean, i've got some size 20 tops from Evans that still fit ok, i'm wearing black size 18 trousers, i bought some size 16 jeans from Next and yesterday got a jumper in M&S that was a size 12!!! It's bizzare, lol :D

And well done on getting below an 18, that's fab :)
i find that tesco, matalan and new look are very generous sizing oh and asda Debenhams seem to be proper sizing as in they do fit whatever size you measure is 46 inch = size 18

I cant wait to be in size 16s i've got 1 16 top from Asda and my pj tops are size 16 but im still officially an 18 and my bottom officially a 20 but hey its moving in the right direction
Well I wear 16 bottoms (all 18's are too big now) but 16's in New Look are a bit big so I could probably get away with a 14 (I'm far too scared to try them on though!). My top half is usually either a 14 or 16 - but Tesco and Asda come up huge on me (obscurely as I still have a pretty big chest!) as does New Look. I bought 2 dresses in the sales this week - one a 12 from Next and one a 14 from New Look - both are a perfect fit. I also bought a pair of skinny jeans (such a ridiculous name - especially when you can get them in plus sizes!) in a 16 from Dorothy Perkins and they are bordering on tight (I'm hoping they'll stretch a bit with wearing) - I think all their trousers come up a bit small.
Don't even get me started on Primark - think you need to go up about 3 dress sizes in that place!

MM x
Monsoon is very generous - the lady told me off when I took a size 14 in to try and scuttled off to get a 10 & 12!!

I'll second you on New Look, Asda & Tesco. I also find Dorothy Perkins, Mark One and Warehouse come up quite big.

Primark is quite inconsistant. Things like Tshirts fine, but there 12 jeans were quite teeny.

Topshop always suprises me; the stuff look tiny, but actually fit quite well if that makes sense?

My new favourite hobby is going shopping, and not buying anything but trying lots on. It's a good morale boost when you're finding things tough. I'm going this weekend as I'm struggling getting back into SS. Hoping it'll give me a good kick up the jaxxy!

Deb G

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I went to Next sales and bought 5 pairs of trousers - 2 size 10, 2 size 12 and one size 14. They all fit me fine - and that's the same shop!!!! :mad:

In Fatface the size 10 skirt dropped off me about 2 months ago when I was still struggling to get into 14s in other shops.:confused: M&S size 10 skirt fell off me, but size 12 trousers were a real squeeze!:rolleyes:

Best advice.........wear what fits and don't even CONSIDER the label! Its taken me a long time to come to terms with this - but it really IS the best advice!!!!:)
I've been shopping a fair bit lately and, despite what I thought when I went out, I found there actually was consistency between shops.

In jumpers I took a size 8 in Wallis, Marks and Spencer, BHS and Principles.
I bought size 10 trousers in BHS, Next and Principles.
I bought coats in a size 10 from Betty Jackson Black, Principles and Jane Norman but the wool jacket I got from M&S in a 10 had to be returned for an 8. I also had an 8 in a cardie and in a skirt from M&S.
I bought size 10 jogging bottoms in both BHS and Bon Marche (and both are roomy).
I bought two pairs of Jeans though that were both from McKay & Co and had to have a 10 in one pair and a 12 in the other (not different styles either).

So, as I said, I was surprised that I generally did take the same size in different shops as I'd never found that to be the case before but it does look like M&S come up bigger than others.

If you were to see me you would know I'm not really a size 8 and I can't get my head around being that size in the shops - I feel that I look like a 16. I'm so used to just holding something up and knowing my size but I've just got no idea at the mo.

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