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Somebody else said this to me this morning but I cant say I have noticed??

I buy cheap everything anyway!


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Everything seems to have gone up coppers, but some things have really rocketed. Tomato ketchup, baked beans, rice over the past year. I must admit I buy alot of my shopping when it's on offer.
When branston beans are £1 for 4 cans I stock up.
I check on the internet every week before I set off to do my shop to see where the bargains are.
I seem to remember that Aldi's super 6 were 39p each last yer now they're 69,.


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Also the price of butter! I know it's now really applicable to SW'ers but still....basics versions are nearly £1 a block! A while back they seemed to drop back down to about 70p and only a few years ago they were 54p! Mind you bread was about 82p then and it's now over £1.10! It's eyewatering isn't it?


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guess i havent noticed specifc items but on the whole a trolly full is now more expensive than it was. We can blame the rise in fuel costs, knocking on the effect to food!!


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Even more reason to get into coupon/offer mode.


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the "super 6" prices depend on what's on offer..
the week after christmas it was all 39p.. because it was smaller stuff.. and singles of things that are usually under £1..

this time it's multiples of stuff that's usually over £1 ( apples, oranges, tomatoes etc.. )

Asds still had branston beans on offer on saturday.. not sure now though..


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I think a lot of shops took advantage of the recent change in VAT to hike up their prices by more than the 2.5% increase.


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but SW food doesn't have VAT on it... ( veg etc.. )
only luxuries like cakes and chocolates do... :)


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I haven't as I've stuck to y shopping list like glue lol!! for a full week shop (2 Mince 2 chicken sewing steak fruit veg and frozen kids bits 45!! bargain xx


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I saw in the news that their is a price war between supermarkets, I can not see it :(
There is always a price war - all depends if you fancy spreading your shop between 4 supermarkets!

I know I can't be bothered!

Shame on me lol


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I have noticed the costs, especially on meat and I have looked at the things I buy and made some changes.
I also stock up on things like 4 packs of beans and tinned tomatoes when they are on offer, buying 6 packs at a time! They all get stored in the garage.
I have looked at the things we buy and removed certain things. I've also looked at food which we often waste (eg cottage cheese) and, as I hate wasting food, I've stopped buying it.
I buy seasonal fruit and veg as much as possible - unless I really really really fancy some cherries I won't buy them.
I only buy bogof items if I need them and they won't go off.
I plan meals and buy for them.
I don't buy crisps/biscuits/cakes, not even for syns - I let my daughter bake for her packed lunch if she wants them.

I have looked in depth at where my money goes in Tesco and I've reduced the amount I spend on food quite significantly. We've all had to tighten our belts recently!
I still insist on 3 things though - free range chicken and eggs and organic milk, I don't care what this costs, I'll still buy them.


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I'm another one that stocks up on stuff like baked beans when its the 4 tins for a pound offers. Also I go to Aldi first then finish off my shop at Tesco and I find I spend less. I buy fruit if its on offer especially stuff I wouldnt usually buy. Today it was mango and strawberries. Its nice to change around and the offers help me to decide!!