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Should be restarting soon!!! (UPDATE)


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Hi gang, I honestly have missed you all terribly. I have been visiting the website everyday to check up on all of you so don't think I have missed out on what is happening.

Basically, my doctor had given me the contraceptive pill so that I could have a period and get blood works done for the IVF. As I don't get periods I didn't want LT to play around with my hormones. I also wanted a good clear blood test.

Yesterday I took my last pill (no 21) and should get a period in the next seven days. On the second day of my period I am going for a blood test and will also be starting LT back on that day too.

I have put on a little bit of weight as I have not been strict but it's not so much that I would be upset about. I am still wearing new size 14 clothes and still feel brilliant.

10 days after my period I am going to go for an x-ray on my tubes so that should be fine as LT will not be intefering with that.

Sorry for the long post but I do have some very close friends here who would want to know what is happening with me and why I have dissapeared.. not mentioning any names betsy, jenny, tuffy, a.marie, summer, soon2B and the rest of the gang. If I haven't mantioned your name then you are more special, don't want to bring attention to you :D

Phew I think I got myself out of that one :)

Missed you guys lots and lots, will keep you all updated as to when I restart.

I can't wait for the brilliant feel of LT!!!

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hey Jesi x
missed stalking ya hun ;)

glad things are moving along nicely for you.
got everything crossed all is great.

you've done great getting to where you are now hun.
best of luck on the restart.ya know where we are if you need us :) x


A little of everything!
LOL! Glad you're still on the fertility train, and I'm praying all goes well when you have your tests.

****throwing loads of babydust your way****
sounds like things are really getting on track for you. hope you get pregnant soon :D xx
going on the pill must be sooo frustrating for you! seems a backwards way in moving forwards but i do understand! we've missed ya hun isnt it funny how people that see us doing this diet think we must be miserable and hating every second yet so many cant wait to get on with it!

look forward to having you around more and fingers and toes crossed for baby news soon xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You have so much going on and it great that you are also able to stay motivated with LT. Sending lots of positive vibes your way to hope that all will go well for you in your efforts to get pregnant.
Jeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssi! Miss you more!

That is just fantastic news sweetie. You sound so positive and happy. I'm so pleased for you.

Everything is going to plan perfectly, and will continue that way. You deserve to have everything exactly how you want it.

Keep that positive, go getting attitude girl. Love it! Always here for you! Just love ya!



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Thank you everyone and thanks my Betsy love you toooo :)
HI Hun so glad you updated us. That is all brilliant news thank god they have you started on everything and you dont have to sit around waiting any longer. You sound really positive and ready to restart and them few lbs will be gone so fast you wont remember them. size 14's honey you are so beautiful. :) cant wait for you to share all your news again.

Really did miss you!

hey hun, missed u. thought ud forgot about us.lol.

glad everythings going well, dont blame u for stopping LT. really does mess up ur system & dont worry about ur gain hun, sure ull gain loads and loads of weight when ur pregnant ;)

well lets hope aunt flo arrives in the next few days so u can get to the next step.

best of luck with the x-ray 2, hope all is perfect for u hun.

chat soon, take care and good luck with getting back on the shakes.

x x


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Well gang I am starting tomorrow on Tuesday 10th November. I am excited and can't wait for the bloating to go away :) Thank you all for your support xxxx

best of luck hun, sure u will do great.

x x
Big day today! Hope you're feeling fantastic sweetie!

That bloating could be down to your period. Thinking of you!



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How is your first day going? I've been on the fertility train as well and know what a stress it can be. Hope all your tests for IVF go well *hugs*

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