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Should i be feelign this bad!!!

Im on day 5 and I am feeling so rough. My short term memory has gone and i keep mixing up my words when im trying to speak. I have no energy at all, walking up one flight of stairs is leaving me faint.

I just did a trial run putting up my new tent and it took me over an hour because i had to keep stopping and i spent most of the time sitting down because i didnt have the energy to stand.

Is it supposed to be this bad??
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Froots, sorry you are feeling so bad.. Never read any comments like yours so can't really comment. I am on day 6.. not convinced it is working for me cos I keep jumping on the home scales, but determined to stick to it until my wi on mon. x
Hi Froots hope you feeling a bit better, its day 8 for me and I feel ok most of the time, I do start getting tired mid afternoon, its really important not to over do stuff in the first week I think, you will start to feel better soon, its just your body adjusting to the diet. Good luck xx:):):):):):):)


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Froots, you'll be fine - stick with it and make sure you're drinking plenty of water! Be kind to yourself and don't expect too much off yourself - especially this first week.

Julie ... home scales are notorious liars ... totally ignore what they say. You'd have to be an unknown medical phenomenon defying all the laws of physics for it not to work!!! xx
Hi this is day 1 for me and pleased not felt too bad at all, but in bed now and getting cramps in lower legs, anyone had that and / or know why it is?
Thanx x


Positivity is the key
Hi Froots,
sorry you are not feeling too good. I don't have much advice on it except to take it easy and if you are very worried then contact someone professional, your pharmacist might be a good place to start, or G.P. if you are under their care on this diet. Best of luck to any one else with symptoms, if they are related to this diet they should pass once the first few days are over. Good luck.


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i have also felt faint and my legs have felt crampy, im on day 3, i keep mixing my words up too, i asked my boyfriend to shut the water, meaning window haha, i just look on the bright side of it! will hopefully settle down within next week or so xx
Thank you for the advice, I actually got so bad that I could walk up the stairs to my bedroom! my ketostix was the darkest it could get so i gave in and ate, and I felt so much better for it.

But i have stuck with it since and feel fine. I just think that my body cant cope with being that much in ketosis (a similar thing happened when i tried the atkins years ago).

Im going get advice at my weight in later and see what they say.

BTW the cramps are due to lack of sodium (salt)


Here we go again!
I was told that if your ketostix says the darkest colour, that means you are dehydrated. Are you drinking enough water? Glad you feel better though.
I had easily drank 3 maybe 4 liters by then. I actually need to keep an eye that im not drinking too much im constantly sipping to get rid of the metalic taste i get in my mouth .....but it never goes away
I think on LT everyone's different so yes i'm sure it's possible to feel purely negative effects - just as it's possible to feel only positive side effects (more energy etc)

Any problems or concerns and you really should speak to pharmacist and LT, especially if people on here havne't suffered so badly.

I'm sorry you felt the need to eat - but you really need to stick 100% to it to get the best results. GOod luck.
The girl at the chemist is so shy she is next to useless and didn't have a response when i talked to her about it but i still lost 7lb so its not all bad!!:flirt2:


Positivity is the key
Hi Froots,
Congratulations on your first weigh in, I hope you are starting to feel much better now. Hope those symptoms don't rear again.

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