should i bother???


this is my story!

i have lost 35lbs in 2 months on cd and now i feel that i look quite good, i am getting compliments galore everyday!
my problem is i have got quite complacent with the diet and think oh this wont hurt, oh that wont hurt when really deep down i know i am undoing all the good i have done.
tonite i have had a curry, well half of one and know i feel yuk.. i still would like to lose 1.5 stone to be at my ideal weight but just cant do it! i am ok for 3 or 4 days then i lose it. once i start eating i cant stop! i am meant to be seeing my cdc tomoro to get 2 weeks supply but am wondering is it worth it if i am not fully into it. today i had my 2 shakes at work and all my water and more then ruined it wen i got home. could it be because i have had an arguement with my husband and it is unresolved still....since sunday! normally we have a great relationship but on this particular touchy subject for him we cannot agree and if i go ahead i will upset him alot more. is it worth being thin after all i ask myself? shouldnt i just eat wot i want and be happier than i am at this moment in time. should i go tomoro or just not bother? y do we allow our emotions to get in the way?

i really dont know what i am expecting from this but just writing it down makes me feel better anyway.
sorry for ramblin

Hi Tia,
Tough one this, I firmly believe that for a SS you have to be 100% behind it, but there are other ways you can lose the extra 1.5 stone, and also, you dont want to put everything back on, after all think of the journey you have already been on, surely its worth that 4 to 6 weeks extra so you can be who you want to be??
Maybe 790 or now a diet where you can choose to eat may be better at this time, but please think long and hard, think about what you have acheived, dont ever distract from that, you have done yourself proud.
very well put Vicky

shes right Tia, you have come so far, its a shame to give up now. Focus on eating healthily if the ss is too much for you at the moment...cut back on the carbs but have lean protein and vegetables... If you fancy add some curry powder to some lean chicken and have it with a little brown rice. But try not to put back the weight you have already lost. If you maintain at this weight for a couple of months till you feel ready or decide to lose the rest then so be it. but try not to undo your hard work...hun (now if only I had followed my own advice I wouldnt be on SS myself again

In my opinion half a curry is not the end of the world - put a plate of it in front of me and I would have licked it clean:eek:. Realisictly once we have all finished SS we are all going to have meals that are perhaps not as healthy as they should be and if we do it in moderation I don't think we should feel guilty about it - thats as unhealthy as being overweight. A little bit of naughty keeps you healthy happy and wise!!

The important part is not letting one unhealthy meal follow another etc so that you end up putting the weight on that you worked so hard to get off.

If you head is not in the SS place then try one of the other plans or WW or SW if need be just remember "moderation" is the key.

Good luck