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Should I change my CDC?

Hi, I have always had the same cdc but don't seem to get much support/help if any at all. She is very good at turning up with sachets, takes the money, has a quick chat on the doorstep and then goes. This may be completely normal, but would just like to find out what other peoples experience is if possible. Many thanksX
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That not too good. My CDC is excellent, supportive, chatty, friendly but she could do with being a bit stricter with me when i'm struggling!


Gone fishing
but she could do with being a bit stricter with me when i'm struggling!
Oooh, that's a hard one. To be strict or not to be strict...that is the question.

I don't do the 'strict' thing. I want to help my clients to find answers to help them get to their goals, not to fear a kick if they 'struggle'.

Support I will give. Encouragement, hints and tips, but the whip is locked away ;)
KD - what an inspiration you are - 8 stones lost! Anyway, sounds like you give alot of support - wish you were closer!! Do you think it may be an idea to change. feel guilty about doing it as she is a nice person, but to be honest it would be the same as buying my sachets from a shop and having a quick chat about the weather!!


Gone fishing
Thankyou :)

And yes, she really must weigh you if nothing else!. A quick chat at the door isn't enough unless you've asked for this, which I guess you haven't.

I think I'd be looking for another CWPC myself, unless she thinks this is what you want ie short chat no weigh in? Even so, she has to weigh, it's part of the code of conduct she has to follow.

So it does sound like you need to look for another. Maybe contact a few others in your area and see how you gel with them. Ask them what they can do for you. How long appointments are. Will they weigh. Can they offer mid week support if you need it, even if it's just in email form. That sort of thing :)
Thanks for that, I think I will take your advice and find someone else. its a bit of a long slog on my own although I am hoping to use this forum a bit more to get me through aswell. I did think it was a bit odd and not at all what I expected!! She has never weighed me - did measure my waist on the first day but that was it. I really think she was trying to do as little work as possible and was always rushing!!
thanks again x

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Ah rainbird! Congratulations, for doing so well so far. Your Consultant must weigh you and measure your waist every time you meet - and I think that should be once a week at the beginning, so that you have the best possible chance of success! As KD says, phone a few Consultants - when you put in your postcode, they are listed in order of distance from you - ask a few questions and see if you click.

I wish you all the best.
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Many thanks Lesly. I did just that today and met a new consultant today. she was completely different and very thorough. I feel that I have some support at last - and I feel I've really got to be good now as I know she is going to check up on me next week - that is a good thing!! Thanks all for the advice
(the only thing I thought was a bit odd is that she actually looks bigger than me!!! not that it matters at all as she may be happy with her weight - was just expecting a really slim person- oh well - we are only human!)

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