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should i cut out syns?


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Hi all

i am currently very slowly loosing weight but would like to speed up a little bit - is it ok to cut out syns as i often eat a kitkat in the evening just because i haven't had any syns all day. However at the weekend i do use my syns up averaging about 12 syns on a th , f and sat with the ocassional overspill for a night out every few weeks.

any thoughts?

Faye x
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Don't cut them out. You could reduce to 5 per day if you feel the need but don't get rid of them completely. Even if you went without completely you'd only be saving 2100 calories which isn't even a lb per week.

How slow is slow? Do you go to group? Talked it through with your C? Have you filled in food diaries to see if anyone can spot anything? Are you eating enough? I had a month of poor losses which really got me down so decided to eat more and it really helped.


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Thank you lovely laura - you have earned your name for that advice!!! perhaps i need to have a good look at the food diaries and check the facts of my eating and not what i think i am doing!
You're welcome.:) I just saw your other thread and as someone said you're only slightly below the 1-2lbs per week. It can really make a difference how much you have to lose too. It's not always the case but people like me with loads to lose will generally lose it quicker at the start than smaller people, do you have much to lose?

If you don't have a food diary perhaps start one, it might just be that you've mistakingly thought something was free when it isn't. We all do it from time to time. I don't write things down most of the time so I'm not a great example but I know others find it really helpful. Try and drink lots of water, boring I know but also helps. If you're concerned then talk to your consultant, sometimes they don't have great advice but worth a try.

Hope things pick up for you but remember 1lb per week is about 3.5 stone every year, that's not to be sniffed at!


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thanks guys - have been doing a food diary for past 6 weeks and consultant says its fine so will just keep at it i guess. i didi have a 1lb loss tonight - its just frustrating when there are 2 or 3 ladies about my size who have both lost over half a stone each in their first 3 weeks and i am there twice as long and no where near that first sticker!!!

p.s do you know how to edit the ticker - its taken me ages to figure out how to get one and now i cannot change the damn thing!!!


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Hey, I started last week and wasnt really having many syns and was told it was best to have them because then if you stop losing weight you can reduce your syns and it should jump start it again. Not sure how true this is but it's worked for a few of my friends.

For your ticker if you click on it it will take you to the site then you just need to put your pin in and edit it :)

Hope that helps
I second writing everything down and taking a look at your days intake of foods. Instead of cutting out syns, maybe think about having less carbs on green days or meat on red days and have more superfree foods. You could try eating scan bran, drinking more and filling up on ss foods too.

I feel like I've been going fairly slowly in my two weeks at the classes, losing 1/2lb last week and 2lb this week but I'm determined to stick at it! I'm scan branning it up and drinking more water this week, hopefully it will give me a boost!


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Well i have cut my syns down completley! What I do is if i dont need to have them i dont! This is because i have started taking a slimmg tab whilst doing SW and want to cut down as much as I can xx
What plan are you doing F4ye? Maybe look at having a mix up. I know it can boost peoples losses (not all the time though) to maybe switch plans for a while.

Also - I found that when I used my syns properly, I had better losses - again I'm not saying that's the norm but being afraid to use them won't help loos weight :)
Well i have cut my syns down completley! What I do is if i dont need to have them i dont! This is because i have started taking a slimmg tab whilst doing SW and want to cut down as much as I can xx
Well, Im not going to recommend your actions because thats not what the plan is about, but it is of course your choice. This isnt a race, its about losing weight healthily and safely for life. It is well known that cutting back too much can slow or completely stop losses because the body believes it is starving and tries to keep hold of every pound of spare fat it can because it doesnt know when it is next going to get any. It is also much more likely that the weight will pile back on when you "stop" the diet.

That said, there are hundreds of people following different diet regimes and plans which work with varying degrees of success, and you are trying out a new one for you. But by default, you are not really any longer "following" SW plan, because you are not having syns and are taking slimming pills.


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Well i have cut my syns down completley! What I do is if i dont need to have them i dont! This is because i have started taking a slimmg tab whilst doing SW and want to cut down as much as I can xx

Slimming World has been designed to a full and wholesome diet plan by it's self. It's not in Slimming World recommendations to take any kind of slimming drugs while doing their plan and in my opinion, just my opinion you should n't really need to because if you food optimise correctly, have your HEX choices and your syns then you should lose weight at a steady rate.

Of course it's your choice and you are entitled to your opinion I just don't think you could say you are really following the slimming world plan and wouldn't want others to think this is the way to go forward as a quick fix.


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Last month Ihad a couple of weeks where I was off work and just didn't eat as much - don't get so hungry when I'm not at work - and I really hit a slump- 2 weeks of STS and then a total loss of about 3lbs in 5 weeks. I've deliberately upped my eating and making the effort to drink at least 3/4 big glasses of water on top of the tea/pop/squash I'd normally drink and touch wood it's working - 2.5lbs off this week!
It might take a bit of experiementing with what works for you though.


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Well i do have Syns but only about 3-5 a day which is not a problem? As a lot of SW followers do the same. Also its a pill that makes you feel less hungry, so ive found im not eating as much free food as i usually would.

I dont see how just taking a pill you can say im not following slimmers world? when i have my HEA and HEB and im still having at least 5 syns a day....
Well, because SW is a specifically and carefully designed plan that is formulated to maximise weight loss while maintaining a healthy eating plan that allows you to eat. You are taking an appetite supressant, which you have no idea of the effect on the chemical balance of your body and the food you consume. You are eating minimal at best syns, when you should really be having a minimum of 5 a day.

I am not saying that your plan wont work and you wont lose weight, it may well do, and you may well do. But it is not the way that Slimming World recommends you do it, and your losses may well be deceptive to people who are following the plan 100%.

As I said earlier, your choice, your body, so you do what you want to do and what helps you, but it isnt "Slimming World". It is an adapted personal plan.
Sorry Faye, didnt mean to hijack your thread.

There are lots of things you can do without lowering your syns. Drink lots of water, make sure you have your Hexs and that they are accurately measured, have your syns, and keep at it. Some people lose faster than others, some lose more slowly, you are doing just fine and it is nice and steady. The plan IS working for you.


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thank you all for the advice ladies - i follow the green plan as i ma vegetarian so cannot mix plans unfortunately - however i will refocus my efforts and drink more water too.
I usually save my syns for the evening when i feel like a bit of a nibble or a glass of wine, so when i am not hungry in the evening i am still eating a 2 finger kit kat before bed to have my syns and i just think it is a bit silly to eat chocolate just to get 5 syns in so perhaps I need to spread them out during the day a bit too - i'll try this and see what happens!

swchick10 - thanks for being so honest on here - its great that we can share our true situations - so long as we are keeping healthy and sensible about things i say each to their own x


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Do you ever have days off plan? I found for a long time I was 100% and losing half one week 1 the next then gaining half then losing 1 it was averaging to 1/2 a pound a week. I went to a party a few weeks ago and was good all day then at the party had chocolates sandwiches crisps samosa sausage roll ect the next day I was straight back on plan and still lost 1.5lb that week then a 2lb this week. I was always too scared to go off plan because my losses tended to be slowish I thought if I went off plan for even 1 day I would have a huge gain turns out it just kickstarted me again.
I am not advocating going crazy because I was anything but crazy I didnt drink that night and just enjoyed a plateful of party food and then about 7 cadburys heroes along with a mini crunchie and a mini fudge I think somethimes you need to trick your body. Thats why having a flexi day works with SW. Well thats my take on it anyway :)

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