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Should I do Slim Fast for this last bit?


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S: 11st1lb G: 9st3lb
Hi all :wavey:

I started CD in October and had lost almost 2 1/2 stone by Xmas. Since the beginning of this year I've battled with it and only managed around 1/2 stone off since then. I have around 1/2 a stone to go.

I've decided to stop buying the CD products as it's wasting my money now, (plus I have to travel over an hour just to reach my counsellor) I'm considering doing slim fast for this last stretch.

What do you think, should I finish with SF then go on to 'normal' eating when I reach goal or should I just try healthy eating from now.

Typing this out it sounds ridiculous even to me, obviously I should be 'healthy eating' but I just can't seem to manage properly at this stage without feeling some sort of 'control' in what I'm doing.

Oh dear I don't think I'm making sense :rolleyes: this last part is so, so hard :sigh:
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Hi Dawnyblue,
If you feel you need a level of structure and routine over what you are eating and don't feel ready to do that yourself then I would say SlimFast would be good for you. I like SlimFast because you lose weight through a reduced calorie intake but still get to eat real food. Try it and see how you get on. You can probably shift that last half stone in a month if not less
Good luck


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G: 11st0lb
I agree with BL. I like the structure that slimfast gives but also allowing me to eat actual food.
My story is exactly the same as yours Dawn. I lost huge dollops of weight in the first few weeks and then only a pound or so. It was just too expensive to keep on. I came off the diet and 'ate sensibly' which piled the weight back on.
I found SF, got on it and the weight started to come off nice and slowly. 7lbs in the first week and about 2 a week after that. I've had a lapse (first holiday for many years) but I'm back on it now.
The very best of luck to you, if you can do CD you'll have no trouble with this.


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S: 11st1lb G: 9st3lb
Oh thank you, just what I needed. The £25 a week for 2 CD products a day is just too much to keep paying with so little loss. Perhaps the change to SF will 'get me going' again. I'm definitely going to get started on the SF products when CD stuff runs out. I've ordered a few bars with my online shopping that's coming tonight and worked out the cost of a SF meal bar (2 for 1 at Tesco) is about 48p compared to £1.90 CD :eek: I had ordered 2 tins of the shake mix too but then deleted them as if I'm being good and optimistic by the time I've got through my CD shakes and bars and SF bars I should actually be at goal.

Here's hoping :D
Hi Dawn
I don't think it will take you long at all to shift the last 6lbs. Definately a good idea not to buy the powder, you can always pick some up at a later date if you need it.
Plus once you at goal you can always continue to have one shake a day at lunch to help maintain at goal and keep a level of control over what you eat. I think that is what I will do as I really like the SF routine.
Good luck
BL x

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