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Should I give up?

Just wondered if anyone has any advice for me...

I started slimming world on November 30th,I lost 0.5lb in my first week,1.5lb in my second week and then 2lb in my third.Everything seemed to be going well and I was following everything to plan.

I put on 1lb at christmas which I was expecting,but then put on another 1.5lb the week after even though I had been really good! I stayed the same up until last week when I lost 1.5lb,then this week I put 1lb of that back on!

I am so confused.I have kept food diaries and my consultant has checked them,I go to the gym 3 times a week,do one yoga session and one with a personal trainer and I eat as many speed foods as I can.Have been keeping my syns around 10-12 aswell.

Just not really sure what else to try!

Has anyone else had similar results? I only have about 18lbs to lose so I'm wondering if its just going to be a long process of a pound on a pound off....
I really like the diet but I'm not sure if its worth me paying to do it if this is going to happen for the next year or so! :(

Any advice would be great! x
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Have you measured yourself. You might not be losing weight but you could be changing shape.
Yeah I took some measurments,no change yet :( I guess I should just keep trying and it might suddenly kick in!
Don't give up!!!!! Some people lose it quicker than others. Also, when you regulary exercise you turn fat into muscle and this weighs heavier. I have heard this happens to people who do a lot of exercising.
I have wondered about that too,i did think it may be turning to muscle but even my personal trainer doesn't think I'm doing enough to be building that much muscle.Its very confusing! lol
Please don't despair!. You may well have been a little heavier if you had not joined . From the group i attend the folks with not so much to lose seem to have the same pattern,including my two daughters who eat virtually the same as I do.
I am sure your consultant would have picked up on this but are you eating enough?
Good luck - do let us know how you get on.
Well she did ask me this,infact its more likely the other way round,I never had a terrible diet before joining,my weakness is chocolate and is probably the only reason I have any extra weight to lose.Since joining I've been eating twice as much,everything good though,lots more fruit and vegetables,she did say I may just be consuming way too many calories even if they are in good foods.I've decided to try a few things,cutting down on the exercise and trying extra easy.I guess I need to give it a bit more time and it may just suddenly kick in.

Thankyou all for helping! :)
Stayed the same this week.My consultant even said my food diary was brilliant.Just can't understand it :( Maybe its time to accept this diet may not work for me....
Has the leader advised on how many syns to have a day? I have many stones to lose and I am on 10 syns a day.

Has she any suggestions?

Don't give up as it is so easy to stop going and put on weight

Irene xx
Well she said I can have all 15 if I want but another lady told me when she got down to only a stone to lose she was having 10,so I stuck to 10 all week.

I'm just starting to wonder if maybe this is the weight I'm supposed to be? Before I started I only ever put on about 5 pounds at the most because I exercise a lot.Maybe its impossile to lose for me :( I really really hope not :(
I ahve had this, with a similar amount to lose, and going mental at the gym!! Try myfitnesspal.com to dsee the calories you are consuming. I found I was consuming too amny calories, even if it was in good food. It was a sort of eureka monent. How can I possible lose weight eating 2000 calories a day, even if they are in bananas and muller lights. Been calorie counting alongside SW for 3 days now. Hoping that this may be my answer t least for a bit.

Change some of the Healthy Extras you are using and Syns and this may give your body and weight a change. I know you are allowed the Diet drinks, but try to drink a bit less of them and see if you notice a difference. Some people feel a bit bloated after drinking them, which might make it seem like you are putting on weight. Also are you going to the toilet fine?


Strutting her stuff
Also what height are you? Is your target reasonable for someone of your height?

Can you post your food diary here as well. As you get smaller your appetite and your portion sizes should naturally reduce but if you are eating oversized portions this could well account for your maintaining rather than losing.
i think like me when u dont have that much to lose it is a slow process. ive lost 1lb in 3 weeks! I simply do not believe in Free food when ur below a certain weight, it does not make any biological sense. Im going to give EE one more week and go on to original. its less carbs so surely..SURELY. this should help. i still will go to the weigh ins though because that is what will keep us going. And i jst really wanna beat my friends lol
I was going to ask if you varied your food and Healthy Extras? Our bodies get used to eating the same things over and over again and so digest them when it wants to. If you have a varied mixed plan, it jigs the body into loosing weight.
mumtheshopper- thats what I think I am going to try next,I was probably consuming about 2,000 calories before slimming world so I think I might be eating a few too many now! Even if like you say it is in "free" food.Lets hope a bit of calorie counting works!

Meli - Luckily I don't like fizzy drinks so never have them,I drink only water and herbal tea,but did wonder if maybe I was retaining water? Not sure how well water retention tablets work or if they would help!

Circes - I will make a food diary on here,someone may notice something that I am not.My consultant has had a look but I guess she may have not picked up on something too.
I am 5 ft 7 and although I am not technically overweight I am at the highest bmi.Also I have been 1stone lighter about two years ago so I know its not impossible but I'm just not quite sure how to get there at the minute!

charliebecca - I am wondering about the free food too! My mums also doing the diest and has lost 15lb in the time its taken me to lose 2,but she has about 6 stone to lose.Shes even slipped up a few times and still lost whereas I have been perfect and not lost or gained,gets a bit frustrating!

Mrs V - I probably don't vary my healthy extras enough so that could be one thing to work on.I don't eat the same thing every day but I might start trying to include some dried fruit or nuts instead of cereal or hifi bars!

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