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Should I have 1/2 a bar?


Eat to live don't live to eat!
What I mean is, will it help me to stop feeling hungry? I have one peanut and one cranberry bar in my stash, it wont make a difference to me having enough products before I see my counsellor again as I bought 3 extra packs because I wasn't sure if I would get to see her on the Monday or Tues but its defo gonna be the Monday.

So if I have 1/2 a bar now its only a few extra calories, prob wont knock me out of ketosis, shouldn't affect my weight loss and might make me feel satisfied?

What would you do?
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sorry twinkle can't help you on that one as I have been wondering the same thing,am due to have my porridge soon but have been feeling hungry since 4pm.
Have just been drinking loads instead and keeping busy to stop me eating.
Can't see it knocking you out of ketosis or even making a diff in your weight loss so long as it's a one off.
Good luck though xx
Ive had 5 packs in one day before and it didnt knock me out of ketosis but that is just me. I think it varies for everyone as some people get knocked out of ketosis very easily! So i think its on your head if you have it or not! you could just lick it, that might help :D!


One day at a time!
I would - have done this myself and it's really helped stave off the hunger pains and keep me on CD.


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Lol Ani! Somehow I don't think licking it would quite work, my hubby bless him, just asked what I was laughing about, so I told him and he said he has something I could lick that won't knock me out of ketosis, funnily enough its not that appetising to me!!!



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If it keeps you on the wagon the do it!
it wont make any difference to ketosis, the SS+ is 4 packs and milk, the only time it MAY make a difference is if youve already had a bar. They recommend 1 per day only, but personally ive been known to have 2 in a day, and no problems.
LMAO thats funny,I would stick to the 1/2 a bar if i were you hon x


Eat to live don't live to eat!
PMSL - Aly, u sure ;) ?!?!

I think I will have half a bar, he's defo not having 'that' and I'll have another glass of water too! And I have cheered up a bit now too :)


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