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Should I start early?

xx Cathy xx

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I've been stalking this forum now for a little while as I'm going to be following Atkins when I come off Lipotrim which was planned to be in early-mid June but now I'm not so sure.

Long story short I've lost almost 4st on LT so far and stuck to it 100% but this week have picked up a virus where I've got really bad pressure headache and vertigo so to rule it out yesterday and today I've had a small meal to see if it helped - little bit but not much. Now my family thinks I ought to either come off LT full stop (they know I'm going to do Atkins after) or have 2 shakes and a meal a day.

If I'm completely honest I can't wait to start Atkins (read the book cover to cover and induction phase about 3 times lol) but I'm not sure how to make the switch without doing any damage. If all of a sudden I start having 3 meals plus snacks a day I'm afraid I may put a load of weight back on.

Has anyone else made a similar switch from a VLCD to Atkins and if so how did you do it?
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Hey Cathy, in all honesty if you go from LT to Atkins, and you weigh yourself daily you'll probably see the scales go up a bit, but by the end of a week you'll either be the weight you was before Atkins, or, you'll have lost, because both are ketogenic diets so tbh I can't even see why you'd leave ketosis, I think you should just do it, it's a great diet and you sound really eager!

I went from LT, to sort of, off the rails, back to LT, then back off the rails, then decided to do Atkins, and within a week I was a lower weight than I was at my last LT weigh in :)

xx Cathy xx

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I think you should just do it, it's a great diet and you sound really eager!
Lol do I sound that desperate to eat something?:D

Might have had something to do with the slice of MIM I tried earlier!

I'm trying to get my sister in on it as shes a carboholic and is starting to put on the pounds so I've been clue-ing her up on the book about what she can and can't have and she likes the sound of MIMs so we got some linseed today and made one between 3 of us (me, her and my mum) and WOW I could get used to them lol :)


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Nice!! I've not tried them yet, don't even know what they look like, but they seem like a success with people :p

You and your sis should start at the same time, keep each other inspired :)

xx Cathy xx

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The Linseed and overall mixture smelled awful (almost fishy?) but once in microwave and after it was done it smelled (and tasted) really nice. But they're really filling so may have to use them for brekkie.

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Hello Cathy - I've been knocking around here on and off for over a year now and lots of people do seem to make the transition from VLCD to Atkins without too much bother, and go on to continue with good losses. Good luck in what you choose & congrats on your amazing loss so far!

xx Cathy xx

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Thanks hun, I'll keep posting my progress as I go. I do feel really guilty though for the lady at the pharmacy as shes been really nice to me and always likes to talk to me about how well I'm doing. In first few weeks I was getting bored and mentioned moving to CD and she seemed really hurt about it. May just tell her I'm going to lose the rest on low carb maintenance and keep going to get weighed there as I need someone to be checking on me every week to keep me in check. How do the rest of you stay on track? Do you just go it alone or do you get weigh ins anywhere? I need someone to tut tut at me if I've slipped up lol
we will tut at you lol

xx Cathy xx

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Thanks for the support Ladies (and Gents), everyone is so nice on this forum and very welcoming x

Well I'm hoping its going in the right direction as I'd lost this morning even though I ate yesterday. Today has been my proper day one so fingers crossed for the losses to keep coming!
Morning cathy and welcome love,. :)

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