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should'nt I be loosing by now

Hello Annie and welcome.

It really does depend on the body. Also it's best to weigh oneself once a week because of the natural daily fluctuations.

Out of curiosity, what have you been eating?
If you gave us a rough idea, I am sure that some of the more knowledgeable members will point out any discrepancies.
Hiya chick, I know I'm kinda paranoid about the weighing bit..... after 3 weeks only eating those shakes I dont want everyone to be right when they said it would all go straight back on!!! Must only do it once a week!!
Yesterday I had
B.. 3 egg omlette with cheese with a spring onion
L... MIm slice with cream cheese
D chicken pieces garlic,1 courgette, handful of mushrooms with 2 tablespoons creme fraish or however you spell it!!

Today so far (worked a night shift)
B...3 rashers bacon, 1 sausage, few mushrooms fried in butter scrambled egg
Hmm if it was to all go back on, wouldnt it happen regardless of what it was you would eat?

As long as you dont over-eat you will be fine.

B: how much cheese? some cheeses have lots of carbs. Hard cheeses are best, however, as Jim can confirm, cheese doesnt always agree with everyone when it comes to weight loss.

Today's breakfast, again keep an eye on the carbs in the sausage. Some can have up to 9grams per sausage.

Apart from that, it all sounds good. Keep counting your carbs and you will be fine :)
Good luck.
Annie I commented on the what are we eating thread, yes watch the sausages, if they are normal ones you could be having your days allotment of carbs in them alone.
Oh and the sticks are not reliable.


Yummy mummy to be!
Also looks like you're not getting enough veges. Did you count how many carbs you had in your first day? You need to try and get at 20nc a day, getting 12-15g from veges.
id be worried hun that a mim slice for lunch is not enough,

your 3 cups of veg/salad, try and have one of them for lunch and some meat and then a mim after if your still hungry..

you have to eat and drink (i mean water ;)) to lose :D
Hmm, I'm not sure really. I always made sure I got my 20 carbs a day, mainly for the healthy eating bit.

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