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Shrinker's progress

Ok, so end of day 2 and i'm feeling pretty good, a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Have resisted a number of temptations this weekend and it wasn't that hard.

I had a bit of a mental breakthrough earlier, I was for some time considering weight loss surgery and today it dawned on me that the way I feel at the moment about the short term restrictive nature of this diet pales into insignificance compared to the long term restrictions associated with surgical intervention.

I have about 6 stone to lose (which I might adjust near the goal), I'm 20st right now and at my last recorded heaviest I was about 23st. I lost 4 stone on Slimming World in 2009, I lost motivation on SW when I hit a plateau. Over the course of the last year I have gradually put back on a stone in a yoyo fashion.

I'm not so hung up on the figures on the scales, I just want to feel comfortable in my own body.

So here I am on board the VLCD train, set for this journey and heading for my goal. Bring on the summer!!
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End of day 2 update; bit of a headache and I just turned a ketostik a nice purple tinge! Surprised i've gone into ketosis this quick, was negative this morning. Hoping tomorrow i'm high on ketones!!
Day three:

Well, almost another day punched out, I'm working from home this week so I thought it was going to be really hard today. I woke up this morning thinking about food (lots!) but once I'd had a shake I was rolling, not really thought about food much at all. Managing to drink lots of water and a test with the Ketostix confirm I am definitely in Ketosis - result.

Felt a bit lightheaded and shaky at points today, feel better now, I'm hoping this is normal?


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Well done on your journey so far! It does get easier :)

Light head, dizziness, Shrek breath is all normal, just make sure you drink your water and all should disappear in the next few days :)
Cheers for the advice, I'm definitely drinking enough water; at this rate I could lose weight just by the amount of exercise I get running to the toilet every half hour!


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All the head aches and dizziness should pass in a couple of days then! Especially if your drinking all your water :)
The trips too the loo are a nightmare, but it's a little extra exercise :)
Day 4:

Another day done. Working from home today and been quite busy so haven't thought or missed food much today..... Until tonight, my Dad (whom I live with) cooked Sausages and Mash for tea and the smell of the succulent sausages sizzling on the grill had my tummy rumbling but I resisted and settled for a choc shake with a nice spoonful of coffee instead!

Got a bit of a cold today which has got steadily worse since having flu at Xmas, and losing my voice ;(
Going to the Drs tomorrow to get my medical signoff for SS (doing sole source already but without approval, changing CDC this week)
Hoping that the Dr won't refuse to sign on account of my cold, got a feeling I have a throat infection that will need antibiotics. Hmmm.

Had a sneaky peak at the scales this morning, lost 5lbs I reckon (dodgy scales), 10 more and I wouldn't need Dr approval.
Day 7:
1st week done! Weigh in yesterday and lost 10lbs! So so so so happy!!

It's been a looooong week, went to the Drs on Wednesday to get my CD form signed and at the same time get checked over; turns out I have a sinus infection and have been running a fever. On antibiotics now and still feeling pretty weak.

Changed my CD consultant yesterday and am very happy with the new one, didn't feel rushed and she really took time to explain things and listen to me. Really impressed.

Bought a Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go yesterday and it has completely changed my opinion of the CD shakes - I love em now!! Can't remember which forumite recommended that fantastic machine but thank you so much!!

Oh, and after all the faff with the Drs for due to my BMI over 40, my first weeks weight loss brought me under to 39.9 - result!


yummy mummy in the making
Well dine on your loss! Brilliant! My first weigh in on Monday and I only hope for a loss like yours! Xx
Hi Shrinker, I've just caught up on your diary. Wow, well done on your 10lb loss! That's amazing. I'm really hoping my first WI goes well too. Good luck with week 2. :)
Ong that is brilliant well done u how proud u must feel!! I am on day 4 but weighing Tuesday as that is the day she comes to see me!!! Hope I have done ok am drinking water and peeing like u lol well done and keep up the amazing work and well dine on ya BMI u must be well happy
Luv Sharon xxxx
Day 47!

Thought I better post an update on here, it's good to look back on this for motivation and I've been pretty poor on keeping this up to date.

I'm been on the diet now with only a couple of hiccups (Office drinks and meal, and a small weekend city break). So far I have lost about 2st 11lbs and I am feeling great! Clothes have been falling off me and I'm at that stage now when I don't know where I need to start buying clothes but I know I'll soon shrink out of those too - it's a good dilemma to have! :D

I started this diet weighing over 20st, and within the next few weeks I will be under 17st! I had set my goal with my CDC at 14st, but now I really think I can achieve somewhere closer to 12st which I had previously never thought possible.

This diet is the best thing I have ever done. I've got myself the Beck Diet Book and am hoping to use the skills I'll learn in that to carry me through onto maintenance and keeping this off forever.
Day 172!!!!

Hmmm, guess it's been a while since I updated this!! ;)

Well, I'm still on track to reach my original target in a week or so having lost just shy of 6 stone. This diet has been my saviour.

Tomorrow I'm off to see a plastic surgeon to discuss options for removing my excess tummy fat (abdominoplasty). I'm both scared and excited. Been in two minds about this and have done a tonne of research and have come to the conclusion that after a total loss of over 10 stone in 5yrs or so this excess isn't going to magically shrink back ;(
Well see what tomorrow brings but fingers crossed I get the go ahead so I can complete this transformation.

Since losing this weight my life have changed massively for the better and I now dearly regret not doing this sooner.

If you are reading this before starting and having doubts or are struggling on this diet just do it, give it your all or as much as you can. Don't beat yourself up when you slip up; I"ve slipped up plenty but just dusted myself down and jumped straight back on it.

I never thought at the age of 30 I would weigh less than I did at 16, but (...and I know it's cliche) if I can do it I truly believe anyone can! Go for it!
Day 173

Been to see the Plastic Surgeon today; he said I was a good candidate for an abdominoplasty/tummy tuck.
But now I have a new challenge, starting tomorrow I have to stop smoking. The Dr will not operate unless I have been smoke free for 6 weeks, which I knew. It's a great motivator.
All things being well, looks like I'll be booked in to have it done mid September.

Now here's hoping that giving up smoking doesn't lead to weight gain, unless I'm wrong I've always assumed that weight gain after smoking cessation was related to people eating in place of smoking; that won't be an issue for me so I hope that is the only cause. Hmmmm.
How did the meetin with the surgeon go? Id love to get a tummy tuck+get my bingo wings removed.
Spooky! was posting an update as you replied!

The surgeon was really nice, was impressed with my weightloss and was shocked to discover it was done without surgical intervention.

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