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Shrinking Witch - daft dilema ??

Well I had a lovely morning yesterday. Went shopping to Debenhams and bought loads of size 12 tops - yippeeee.
I can still only wear the stretchy ones because of my Size DDs which are refusing to shrink anymore.

So now I have to decided which of my old clothes to throw out. I was all set for a massive clear out of my Size 16s (I sold the size 18s on ebay) when Hubby threw a spanner in the works..........What if you get pregnant?

We are trying at the moment. Well not that hard whilst I'm still in foundation obviously but the plan is to try in earnest once I get to target. Now I just don't know what to do. Part of me wants to get rid of them as therapy, the other part thinks don't be daft those size 16s would do you great until you get into proper maternity wear (if it ever happens).

I suppose really it has brought up a load of questions about possible pregnancy in my mind...Will I pile the weight back on????? Will I not be able to conceive cos I am starving my self ???? Blahh Blah Blahhhh.

Sorry I know this is not a very important dilema in the big scheme of things but I've become so indecisive. I have just spent an hour moving clothes from one pile to another.

Any help anyone??
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What about bagging your big clothes and getting your husband to store them in the attic as that way they will be out of sight and out of mind.

Mind you it is also an oppurtunity to dump any old things you know you never want to wear again...But I am sure you have a few things you actually do like and would not mind wearing again.

Meet him somewhere in between, that way you will feel happy and so will he.

Love Mini xxx

Hi WW,

You must get rid of the big clothes now!!

If/when you get pregnant then you will buy size 12 clothes for size 12 pregnant women.

Size 12 pregnant women don't wear clothes for larger women they go out and buy nice things created for those who are pregnant and not fat!!!

So tell your lovely man - "thanks but no thanks - the big girl clobber is going"!!!

Blooming Marvellous produce a gorgeous range of clothes for pregnancy - have a look on their website.


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i can totally understand where your coming from. The way i see it is that its better to get pregnant being a size 12 and only going up a size or 2 and then work on losing it once you had the baby. Also its alot harder to loose the weight being fat. So i would'nt worry about that.

Regarding the clothes have a good think about it before you decide, maybe get rid of majority and keep only a few items.

Marli :):):):)


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I would also get rid. I know it sounds practical but they are not going to fit you properly anyway when you get pregnant.

I offered some of my bigger clothes to my also skinny and now pregnant best friend. She's now bigger than me!!! Anyway they looked atrocious so sell yours on ebay and save the money for when you need to buy new maternity stuff!

Thanks for the advice folks.

That's it, I have decided. Three piles; bin, ebay and oxfam - no saving "big" clothes. If I store them anywhere (even just in the loft) they will be there for when things get tough. Easy and comfortable to slip into. No excuses they are going!

Does anyone have any experiences of pregnancy or "trying" after foundation/management?



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I'd say bin the clothes, if you do get pregnant it's unlikely that you'd want to wear them as you'd be much better off in maternity wear for someone who is size 12 - that way they will fit you all over properly. Size 16's would be baggy everywhere and not look nice.

Yep - definitely bin them. I've got rid of *everything* and am so pleased that I now own not a single thing over a size 18. Even the 18's are already in bags and ready for the door. Have my first size 14 on today :D
Bin em! I had a good chuck out last week and it felt so liberating! Chuked loads of stuff that I got because I had to have it rather than wanted to wear it cos I was so weeblish!! It felt bloody marvellous! As others have said get new stuff if you get pregnant and enjoy doing it! Let us know how fab it feels when they're gone! I'm going to have a ceremoial burning of my worst stuff & cannot wait!
OMG - my drawers are EMPTY !!! BUT I love it.

I've got 3 pairs of trousers and one skirt to last me until I get to where I want to be and can finally go and buy some more bottoms. Although I feel confident about buying size 12 tops. I'm certain I won't get to a 10 in tops because of aforementioned bolders. I don't know what is going to happen down below. I'm a 13 at the moment but with big hips I'm not sure how much more they will shrink !!

Ohh what a lovely dilema to have.

Thanks for you the words of wisdom folks.

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