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  1. Mandypops

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    Trying to lose some weight but finding it soo0oooo hard at the moment ,

    Scared of the scales .

    I have about 1 meal a day because of the hours i work but its when its the weekend or sometimes at night when i get home its munch time i have no will power what so ever its terrible . :sigh:

    I'd like to get back to 9 st again.. at the moment im 12 st 2 lbs but i just feel so much bigger . Totally deflated ( or inflated lol ) by the scales never moving .

    Think i need some kind of structured diet .

    Sorry about the moan just had to get it out :( .

    anyway... Try again... has any1 tried hypnosis to curb appetites? Does it work ?

    Mandy pops x :break_diet::sigh:
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    can't stick to just one!
    well your one meal is the problem and whatever hours you work is no excuse!!! aim for smaller meals or at least move it up to 2 meals if possible. are you drinking enough water? and when you say you have the one meal are you packing in a whole days calories in that one meal or is it sensible and balanced?
    any exercise? lots of questions but youve not said much. 12 stone 2 doesnt sound scary to me but i guess it depends on your height so theres another question for
    stay positive
  4. ScattyKatty

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    Slim Fast.
    You have to have breakfast hunnie it really does set your metabolism up for the day.
    Women seem to think that stopping eating makes them lose weight but really it has the opposite affect in the long term if you then become so hungry that you pick at the wrong foods or eat a massive meal.
  5. AmandaJayne

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    Hope this helps a bit, Mandy!

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  6. totty

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    My own
    your 1 meal a day is definately your problem.

    Imagine your body is a fire...keep chuckin on twigs and it will keep alight....throw a tree on and it will almost go out!!! :eek:

    you get the munchies as your glucose levels are low, as you havent eaten, eating 1 meal is not good for you.

    everyone has a "set point" whereby your body learns to use up the calories you put in on an average day. ie. if you eat 2000 calories, your body learns to use up those 2000 calories, with everyday activities/exercise etc.

    if you normally eat say 1500 calories in that 1 meal per day during the week...then pig out at the weekend putting those calories up to say 2500...that an overeat of 1000 calories a day that your body does not know what to do just stores it as fat :confused:

    definately try breakfast everyday...:)
  7. SparklingFairy

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    I have to agree. Even if you're busy try having a cereal ar on the run. It's better than nothing. You're slowing your weightloss down by not feeding you body enough.
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