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sick of other peoples negative comments about SS

I've been on the diet for 10 weeks now following ss, and i've managed to lose 3 stone. When people see me though instead of congratulating me or offering support they get great pleasure out of telling me i'm going to put it all back on when i come off the diet. I'm finding it really frustrating as yes if i finished the diet and went back to eating the same junk I used to ofcourse i'd put it back on, but since as i'm going to work my way up the plans and follow a healthy lifestyle i'm sure that won't happen. I've come a long way and i'm not prepared to go back to my old ways. I feel confidant that my relationship with food has changed. Anybody elses friends and family being less than supportive? I'm only half way through my journey so I could use their support right now. X x x
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Know exactly what you mean.
I am seeing this so much.
I am looking forward to my re-educating myself and abandoning all of my bad habits.
I feel so good now , that i do not want to go back to my August size.


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there just jelous cos u look so fab...ignore them your doin fab hun xx keep goin :)
i usually reply well id rather get to goal in 3months with cambridge and put it back on, than spend x years farting aroung with calorie counting and faddy dieting to still put it back on. If it going to go back on, then its going to go back on whichever diet i do.
gives them something to ponder, which gives me enough time to bid a smug goodbye lol.
There all right, people just get jealous plain and simple. Also they don't understand. I haven't told anyone apart from immediate family which diet I'm doing, and when people are saying you look like you've lost weight, I just say I'm trying......Do it for you, get your support from us, together we'll get there and you are doing really well.


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im gettin a bit annoyed with some of the girls at work, who keep sayin to me that im mad to be doin a 'starvation diet'. i keep tellin them that im better nourished etc and feel fine on it, but they just dont understand the concept of not eating doesnt mean starving urself.
Everyone is always quick to put it down to jealousy and for some people maybe it is but dont you think its more likely to be a lack of understanding about how a VLCD works.

Look at it from the other side, before you started a VLCD if you saw a colleague/friend who was living only on shakes what would you have thought? Would you really have thought 'Wow what a great way to lose weight' - I know I wouldnt have. Id have thought theyre mad, that cant be safe and yes Id have thought that if youre only taking shakes then the minute they start eating the weight is going to pile on.

However since I came on Minimins I realise how VLCDs work. If youre getting negative comments it could be a lack of understanding or genuine concern that youre not following a healthy diet.

Instead of dismissing it as jealousy, which it probably isnt. why not try and re educate them as to how a VLCD works, how safe it is and how like any diet, its totally successful IF you follow it properly :)


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I always agree with them and say 'yes it's a crazy diet isnt it.... BUT IT WORKS'............... :D


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thats wot i say, "ur right, it is CRAZY but its working for me and am sticking with it until iam the way i want to be". Most ppl i know are like good for u, they just cant believe i can stick to it. Just u keep at it and never mind them, its hard enough fighting with urself while on this diet lol. Some will b concerned and some will be a bit jealous. U go go go and u will be the way u want in no time:D
we all will with cambridge
I thought the same until i started doing one and now i absolutely love it - but i had some problems with family members when i started and now they say nothing.


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Well.. I haven't really told everyone. There are some people I know (family, classmates) who have such an untactical approach of everything so I haven't told them how I'm losing the weight (they didn't specifically ask or I would I guess) but just told them I'm on a diet.

My parents, sisters, grandmas(x2), 1 aunt, my best friend, roommates and people from my project group and my Tutor know about it and they were all very very praising. They praised my strong will etc.. I've been doing it for 11 weeks now and they can see it's changing me.

I'm very fortunate to have had mostly very wonderful comments and only a few if if's (just out of concern).

Oh an add. I've shown some people my CD booklets; it made them understand the diet a lot more and one of my roomies (my fav) said: Oh well if it has all the vits and mins like it says here it can't be bad for you! Go you for sticking with it though, I would've given up long ago.

I am very sorry the people around you are giving you a hard time. But you know what? Prove them wrong and laugh at them years from now!! :) That will be the greatest satisfaction I think ;))
Take no notice Jen.
I was off CD for nearly 4 months including time leading up to my surgery. I had 3 months of not being able to do any exercise apart from gentle walking. I have been eating a mainly low carb diet but didn’t deprive myself and I have only gained 3lb in that time.

Flaming well done on losing 3 stone they are only jealous because you have had the guts and the balls and self discipline to stick to a controlled diet.

If we were starving surely we would be passing out all over the place and the 100’s of people on this website can’t all be wrong.

Just smile sweetly at them and thank them for their support whilst in your head giving them the two fingers!!


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I've had countless arguments with my friend, she's known me for 16 years so she knew me thin too, and how much I hate being fat. BUT she still argues that this diet can't possibly be healthy and that I'll pile it all back on and then some when I start eating again.

I've found that most other people are actually quite interested in how I've lost so much weight so quickly (just under 3st in 9wks). And once I explain how the diet works they see that it isn't the crazy starvation diet at all.

Unfortunately my friend doesn't get it, she's a nurse so she thinks she's right, but she forgets that I am also a health professional, so that doesn't automatically make her right. I wish that instead of telling me every week or too that I'm losing too quickly, that she would just not say anything at all and then I can just get on with it.

My mum thinks it's a case of the green eye monster cos I'm now at least as light as she is, maybe lighter. I dunno....
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To be honest a friend of mine was on lighterlife and i thought she was mad, its not having all the facts :sigh::sigh:

But now i know and i am sooo happy i do, its amazing, but i get comments all the time from people at work, saying it cant be healthy and its desperate :eek:

I just have adopted the 'whatever' attitude:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p

We will have the last laugh ;)


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Some people really can't help themselves by not being pleased for someone else, so you just stick at the excellent work you're doing and show them all how well you've done and how proud of yourself you should be.
*hugs* chin up.. don't get disheartened by other people.


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i get sick of hearing:

"wow you're amazing! i couldn't do that, could you?"

"no i couldn't. amazing!"

"how long is it now until you can eat proper food?"

blah blah blah! i'm not amazing. i am fat and i want to be thin more than i want to stuff my face. i'm not a side show!!! and i don't count down the days until i can stick something in my mouth. honestly...some people!!!

ok rant over lol!!! x
oh i know its ssssoooooooooooooooo annoying its like oh it cant be very healthy etc or worse if they see you eating it they are like eurggh thats gross cant believe thats what you eat...aaagggghhh
What i find worse is that people just dont get what we do go through my family are the worst they say things like do you want an apple and when i refuse they are incredulous like what its just fruit then i have to explain again actually i dont eat anything what do you not get....
gosh dont know where that came from sorry lol x
i agree. the reason i haven't told ANYONE expect one sister why i am doing this is because their reaction will be what mine was before i started. I thought it was a fad liquid diet which would be hell. but on the contrary, one of the THE MOST liberating things i have found with this diet is that i am not hungry and feel great. i have energy, i sleep well and i lose weight. with the porrige and bars it is very far from a liquid diet.

People can be so mean, i remeber all the fuss when atkins was popular and if anyone heard you were on it they'd fill you with doom and gloom but most diets now are based on atkins way of eating (low carb).

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