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Sick of the bluddy rain! Aarrrggghhh!

When will this awful rain stop? I am so sick of getting soaked through! My poor tortoises have stayed in their house for days, and wont eat anything.:( I am going away for a long weekend in a caravan at the weekend, but the forecast is [email protected]. I'm miserable and cold!

Sorry for the moan!:sigh:

Bet someone somewhere has got sun!


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we have lots of rain here too Bex!
Im sick of it too, ive not been out of the house today lucky for me, my son is off school with a cold.
I hope it gets better for the weekend.
No sun here Bex, it sounds like November outside, lashing down with rain, not stopped yet today and it's really windy. Just awful, does not feel like June at all, I even put my heating on this morning as I was cold!

Half of Telford & Shrewsbury are on flood alert - again - and so many properties have been flooded over the last week or so - truly miserable.


Not dieting ATM!
I'm hoping it will be better by the weekend too. Just looked up Friday and it looked OK. But just put my washing out. Fastened the last peg and it started raining. Brought it all in again. At least I got a bit of fresh air.

I just rewashed the washing that never dried properly over the weekend and still can't put it out. Tumble dryer is broken and we have no money to get it fixed.

Character building though eh?

Really hoping that by the weekend it will be sunny and dry. Don't give up on it, there is still hope!

Dizzy x
Yuk indeed, my DD came home soaked through, her shoes were positively squelching. She said it was like walking through a river!


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Just taken Ozzie for a quick walk down the seafront, between showers! Blowing a gale down there, sea looked more like a November day, high waves and grey and miserable. Felt better for popping out though.

Roll on July - it has to improve by then, doesn't it?


a bit different everyday
oh its just awful, i cant remember having such a bad summer, just a nice little bit of sunshine I will be sooo happy
also my tan is fading which i am not impressed about

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