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Sickness/Fuzzy head

Hey everyone. For the last couple of days my head has been feeling really fuzzy. Hard to describe, but kind of like white noise buzzing in my ears (like the feeling you get when things feel a bit surreal and you're coming down with something)

Is this to do with depleting the body of carbs? Also, just got off cross trainer. Did 20 mins really intense and am now sat with sick bucket by my side, actually gagging. Have I worked too hard or can exercise be taxing when on Atkins. I've seen people throw up on things like Biggest Loser when doing a lot of exercise. Can't do me any damage can it? That Jillian person just makes them carry on!

Am also sweating like a pig. Sorry, sounding so utterly lady like here. Got a whole chicken in the oven, but this feeling of nausea won't allow me to eat anything I don't think.
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sounds like either atkins flu love or a real bug (there is allsorts going around at the mo). lay off the exercise if you feeling like this tomorrow. hope you feel better soon x
Thanks Vicky. Feel right as rain now, so think maybe I just pushed it too hard. Body not used to exercise and it would normally burn carbs I assume? Had chicken and salad and feeling really good now. Hard to start exercise, but feels good afterwards :)

Still got that fuzzy head thing though, it's very strange!


Clean green leafy machine
That's me, every morning :)

Seriously, though, sounds like it might be atkins flu - did you have a lot of caffeine before? Might be withdrawal?

Hey Susie, only ever drink decaf. Maybe have got something coming on - BF isn't too well atm.
I agree, it's either Atkins flu or a real bug, Colleen is sick at the moment. Touch wood I don't seem to catch anything these days. Must be all this Atkins clean living that does it. :D
Hey, thanks for asking. Am feeling fine today, right as rain and full of energy! Maybe was just body getting used to a new way of eating.

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