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Side effects?

Hello Jen

Fantastic weightloss - very well done to you, Can you feel a difference in your clothes yet?

I actually find I'm the complete opposite - nothing seems to rattle me at the moment, not even gettin stuck for an hour on the A2 yesterday, normally I'd be pulling my hair out, but I just sat there signing along to the radio, waiting for it to start moving again. Very unlike me...

Not due on are you?

Nic x
no, not for another 3 weeks!

I'm starting to notice a difference, my gut doesn't stick out further than my boobs, my work trousers are getting loose and my knees aren't clicking as much. My dad pointed out my boobs and stomach are now separate (bit of a backhanded compliment) and someone at work exclaimed that I had a waist - So I'm definately starting to notice!

Not sure how long i'll last on this diet, but my first target for sticking to the plan was to my work christmas do, which is tomorrow. So i'm now aiming for Christmas for my second target. I'll have to see how I get on, but I'm already planning to switch straight to Slimming World (worked very well for me in the past) before christmas day if I can't stand it anymore, just so I won't lose the plot over the festive season!! We'll see where things end up!
i was moody when my ex was here. he was always asking for food :mad: but now he has gone to give us both a break and i feel so much more on top of things and am bursting with energy! ;)
ha ha! arent dads funny :)

I'm not sure how long I'll last on plan either - just taking it day by day, I think that all that any of us can do really. my first day that I plan to eat is the 7th Dec, then the 10th and then its my b'day on the 14th.... I'm going to try and stay on until the 7th then may do WW (if i can get my head around pro points)over the xmas period, as I dont want to start and stop every couple of days, I doubt I'd loose much and I dont think it would do my body much good either. Its a great diet, but it takes a lot to do (mentally I mean)

What makes me laugh, is I can stick to this and not have a problem, yet I try to do WW or SW and I fall off after a couple of days - too much choice probably

Glad that youre feeling a difference, it certainly helps to keep you going when you hit a sticky moment. Hope you enjoy your work night out tomorrow


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