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Side pains


Staff member
omg i have had it too...

thought i was just sitting funny with laptop on side arm of sofa so leaning to the side...

yikes i had an inkling it could be gallstones after reading some posts on here!!!!

its not painful but just a little annoying...

oh no :-(
actually mine was left side too... sorry being a bit dumb today!!!

not sure if this is a gall stones symptom!


Staff member
I have experience pain on my left side and with myself it has been due to constipation.

I always up my water intake and add a spoonful of fibreclear daily to keep things moving along or on rare occasion have resorted to taking a laxative.

At the end of the day it is always best to seek out advice from your own doctor to put your mind at ease and to make sure everything is okay!

Love Mini xxx
i have had gallstones and have them rid of. But just wanted to say that if you had gallstones i think u would be bowled over in pain well i was anyway. cryin and cudnt sit down i was crippled! I was a really bad pain in tummy over weekend was either a bug or some constipation i think now! maybe you should go to the doctor and have it checked?better to be safe.

Becky xxx
Agree With Becky Check It Out With Doctor Better Safe Than Sorry
I've got pain on right side too!

I started lipotrim on sunday and an experiencing discomfort on my right side but it is just above my rib cage. It's not really painful just annoying. I read that if you lose alot of weight within a short period or time it can cause gall stones! Anyone have any info?:break_diet::break_diet:

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