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Signs of having diabetes?


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Hi Im going to the doctors this fri as I`ve not been well for a longtime. Id like to know what are the signs that someone has diabetes?

Im really nervous about it as have a needle phobia and know I couldnt handle injecting myself if it came to that. If im late for my break at work I get really dizzy and snappy and even after Ive eaten it doesnt go straight away, there are lots of other weird feelings I get too.

The doctor wanted to check me for diabetes about 18 months ago but I stupidly chickened out as didnt want to know as it scares me. So kind of buried my head in the sand.

I`ve had depression for years and pcos and I know that can make people feel run down all the time and exhausted even just after Ive woken up from a good nights sleep but just wanted to rule out a few of the other symptoms Im getting and hoping someone could perhaps give me an idea of what they are please? :confused:

Thank you x
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Typical symptoms are feeling depressed, low energy levels, thirst which in turns makes you pee frequently and may mean you getting up in the night, so you get broken nights sleep which in turn makes you tired.

Occasional blurry vision is an indicator, as is frequent infections of one sort or another, I was getting really bad chest infections.

Do not put off going to a doctor, if you are type 1 you will already know it as left untreated it is very life threatening. So the fact you are still here would indicate thats not the case , but even so.....

With Type 2, your doctor would most probably initially want you to try diet to get it under control. It was a good year before my doctor even considered medication for me. Possibly nowadays though, most doctors are aware that diet alone only works in a very small percentages of cases, so may put you on tablet of Metformin. This is the most common drug for controlling type 2 and works very well, if you give it a sporting chance and change your eating habits. Insulin for Type 2 is almost a last resort, my doctor tried everything tablet wise with me first before putting me on an injectible medication (not inuslin incidently, some other evil thing that made me sick all the time and resulted in me losing 7 stone haha, god bless the lizard spit).

The one thing that surprised me about the injections though, was how painless they were. I remeber sitting terrified in the surgery as my doctor announced she wanted me to do an injection there and then. I really wanted to run out the room. But she made me do it, and I actually didnt feel a thing, in fact I was convinced I hadnt done it at all. But there you go, the wonders of modern science, painless injections.

SO dont panic, go back and face your fear. It may well save your life.


Plodding on til its gone
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Thank you

Ill let you know how I get on.

How do they test for it? Last time she wanted me to have a test she gave me a urine bottle. Is it a finger prick test or proper blood test :eek:

I was hoping to find out if I have it soon so I can stop worrying about it so hopefully she can test for it on fri and get results same day x


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A fasting blood test will have to be done at some point, which means not eating from about 8pm the night before until after the blood test is done, so they will usually give you an early morning appointment for it.

Your dr may want to do a finger prick test, ask them if you can do it yourself as it will be less painful and do it on the side of your finger near the tip, and not on the soft fleshy part of your finger tip. Or they may just content themselves with a urine test.

You could always just go buy a testing kit at Boots, and see what results you get first. If its around the 5 mark then you may not have diabetes. You cant rely on self testing of course, but at least if you get numbers over 7 then you will know that going to the Drs is essential. A testing kit costs between £10 to £15, Accu Check make good chep ones and will come with maybe 10 strips to test, so you have a few to play around with.


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i have type 1 had it for 19 years and injecting is painless but i can not watch having blood taken from arm even thou does not hurt injecting yourself is different, a lot of chemists do free check ups for diabetic tests


Plodding on til its gone
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Thats really helpful thank you both
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I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Type 1.
We only realised i was getting so ill, as i lost so much weight in such a short space of time.
When my blood sugar is too high, i also get a very cloudy head.
I was also very tired in the day, and would often have to take a nap just after lunch.

Like slickers said, the injections are painful at all (for injecting insulin or testing your blood). I have a thing about blood tests though, hate those (but it's probably because someone else is doing it).

You will be given a fasting blood test, like Lynn said. My Blood sugar was 28 when i had mine.
My doctor called me the next day to go in. So you find out pretty quick.

I hope it all works out for you, and that you haven't got it (as i wouldn't wish it upon anyone!)

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