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Sikh Wedding


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What sort of food is there generally at a Sikh Wedding?

I want to plan ahead. I already know we have to eat a really sweet dessert as part of the ceremony. What else should we expect?

I am sort of discounting the day but I don't want to go too crazy. I've only got a few more pounds to go.
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you can expect curries and v high cal deserts. However, if you stick to salad and chicken piece or two, you should be OK, they may have chicken tikka dishes which are low in cals as theres no oil involved.


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Don't know - I've never been lucky enough to be asked to one. Anything tandori should be ok as well as it doesn't come in a sauce but is just dipped in yogurt, spices and put in an oven.

Hope you have a nice time - and come back and tell us all more about it!


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Hi Emmaleigh. I am a Sikh (well from a Sikh background and do not follow Sikhism). Depending on how strict the people are who have invited you it could be vegetarian and no alchohol. However, all weddings I have been to have had meat lots of it! And lots of alcohol. I suggest you put an Atkins approach to the food and only have chicken and salad and I really suggest skipping any desserts as they will be high in calories. As for the ceremony involving food, I think you may be referring to the "parsad" (parshad) that is given after the ceremony, hymns, blessings are over. This is handed out to all the congregation. I would simply take it and give it to someone else, you can also ask the person giving you it for only a small amount. I suggest you see the size of the portions being dished out. It is made of pure sugar, oil and wheat/flour (can't remember what type). It is very tasty I have to say but is heart attack food!! (I can just hear my Grandmother saying I shouldn't say that about blessed food!)


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This is really helpful, thank you. There will be alcohol but we have been told we have to be stuffed or the family will be erm... annoyed or something. Insulted.

I am so scared.


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Im Sikh and I just went to a friends wedding this weekend gone and no-one noticed I didnt eat. The food is usually put on the table and everyone helps themselves, just put a bit on your plate and move it around (dirty dishes usually look used!) Most people are busy dancing/people watching and generally having fun. If anyone asks you why you ae not eating much just tell them you had loads of starters/breakfast etc! If all else fails get up on the dance floor!
As for the alcohol just refuse and say you are driving!

Hope it helps

Good luck!


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