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Silly Chemist!!!!!


Finally a size 12!
Ok so so went to get my maintence food but 1lb on :( but she said that could be water?? Then i said to her can i go back on TFR from the 18th as i wanna lose another stone (it wasnt my regualar woman) and she was like ohhhh dont know if u can do that blah blah blah left me feeling deflated she was ignorant as well was trying to explain and she kept cutting me off!! If they wont put me back on theres another chemist in Salford so ill go there

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I just send my chemist an email to place the order for the following WI day, not hassle that way, just walk in, jump on the scales, pay my £48 and go!
I'd use a different word than silly - defo speak to the normal person xxx


Finally a size 12!
Well i might be moving to Bolton soon so that chemist will be tooooooooooooo far do they transfer ure records from one to the other do ya know
Well i might be moving to Bolton soon so that chemist will be tooooooooooooo far do they transfer ure records from one to the other do ya know
They have the same records as you littkle card thingy so it should be a problem - you will prob need to re-register there againb though. There's a great pharmacist in Prestwich - not sure if too far from you though ??
FF which one is your regular one the dark curly haired one (with the recently aquired lovely blue sash) or the blonde smallish one? I have seen em both and deffo think the blonde haired one is more up on listening and letting you have your say etc

PS GOD i hope they dont read this !

Also Faith Pharmacy which is right near the university just of Oxford road do it so push comes to shove you could always swap pharmacies if i have this trouble with them in January after i have refed for my 30th Birthday party then I am just going to swap!


Finally a size 12!
I like the blonde lady shes really down to earth but other one was like she was staring straight through me !!!!!

Gonna move to another one in Bolton as im going up there soon with my boyf xxxxxx


Says it as it is!!!
Im at the one in prestwich ............. never got a card?????
Prestwich chemist is normally sooo proffesional!!!!
I would ring them and speak to the normal chemist!!! Of course you can go back on Stopid woman!!! god .... some people!!!!!!!!!
My chemist lets you go back on after having a break even if you bmi is healthy (as long as it is not 20) and if you gain 6 lbs you can also slam another week of tfr!!!!!!


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I go to Faith chemist and they are normally great however...i arrived today and found they couldn't weigh me as they don't weigh til 10.00 and you can only pick up food at w/e as they don't have anyone who can weigh !! Other than that I've found them fairly normal and not at all tetchy.
Also as you live in salford ( or Greater Mcr) there is a clinic at Hope hospital where you can attend for 16 weeks, they only do shakes but the cost is £21 - it does need a GP referal. I asked my GP (weighing 19.7 stone0 and he said you could do it at weight watchers and would give me 3 months free membership as he didn't "approve of faddy diets" - it put me off so i decided to go to the chemist instead.
Good luck
J x


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I go to Prestwich as well, the dark haired girl if we talking about the same one is pretty new and is only just been trained up, so she may have to check up, I would give them a ring to discuss, don't be put off.

I asked the blonde girl, last week and she said I could carry on as long as I wanted so long as my bmi wasn't below 20 so I can't see any reason why you couldn't start on it again.

They have had a couple of their regular staff leave recently so are training some new staff, so perhaps that where the problem lies


Finally a size 12!
I'll go back on the 18th see what they say just felt bit deflated :( (nice to see other people near me ha ha) xxxxxxxxxxx
Spooky... I don't go there anymore (just found one closer) they are little folding cards with your height bmi and weekly weight details ?? am I the only one


Says it as it is!!!
No i have lots of these cards as i keep forgetting to bring em lol xxxx
I've got my little card :)

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