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Simmy's food diary

ok guys and girls for those of you that saw my thread about my half a pound gain despite me thinking i had been really good, i too have decided to keep my own food diary here!! please do scrutinise, help, criticise and support me thru!! i fell off the plan 2 yrs ago after losing motivation but this time i want to do it and do it for good!!:break_diet:

so here's today!! its an extra easy day

brekkie: two small slices of w/m bread HEXB and egg

2 small digestives - hmmm 3 syns each so 6!

Lunch last nites spanish omlette with courgette carrottes and grilled mushrooms and about a spoonfull of baked beans topped with cheese HEXA

alpen light - 3 syns

dinner - am planning to make a syn free fish cake with cod, potatoes with brocoli and carrots on the side

sooo with all my HEX's gone i have taken up about 9 syns!!
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Had a look at your diary, as I saw you were upeset about gaining a pound. I would say your day looks good. The only thing I can see is that for an Extra Easy day, where is the 1/3 superfree in your breakfast?

Do you mind me asking if you have much weight to lose? If you are quite close to your Target, it is much harder to lose the pounds.

Personally I have never got on with Extra Easy. I find Red days, which limit the carbs are more effective for me.
i need to lose around 25 pounds or so, i think may be i need to go back to the good red and green days too!

so really i am no where nr target infact have only just started


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Hi chick,
When I have eggs on toast, I always put the eggs on top of rocket and sliced tomatoes no matter what plan I'm on I try to get my superfree in.
9 syns is fine, it's what they are there for.
Your day looks good - I very red/green/EE depending on what my evening meal is.
I'm sure you'll find writing it down helps.
ok!! after a mammoth morning at work i finally have time to write down my day so far!!

2 small slices of w/m bread - HEXb and an egg

Daddy of all baked potato with cheese and beans! i'm going to count both HEXA in this as i dont want to under estimate!!

Dinner is Daal with kidney beans, dry spiced cabbage and potato curry with a big side salad!

soooo i guess that makes it a green day, i havent used any syns i may use 2-3 in the evening but i would prefer not to! i have lots going on this weekend so not sure how well i will stay on the plan!!
Don't forget you'll have another B choice to use :)

chomping it as i type! :D alpen lite and still have one for later in the evening i'll take it if i need it

oh and before i forget i make a lot of home cooked indian food syn free so if any one wants recipes i will happily add them here as well!!
i had a total blow out weekend i am soooo not looking forward to the scales tommorrow! anyway today is a red day:

Brekkie - cheese toastie with cherry tomatoes made with small loaf WM bread HEXA&B x1

Muller light yoghurt

Lunch i have made an egg salad with boiled eggs and um salad! likkle bit mayo lite and fromage frais which i will call one syn!

Dinner am planning to have pan fried fish (in frylite) with loads of brocoli carrots and i have pickled cabbage not sure if it will go together well but its super free!!!

i still have one each on HEX A & B!
Brekkie - sunny side up and two slices of small loaf WM bread - HEXB and a big mug of green tea!!

Lunch - i have made a syn free pasta with tomato sauce, courgette, onions pepper and topped it with some cheese! HEXA

Dinner not yet decided will probably be a spanish omlette with beans

i've also got some special k mini bites 5 syns incase i get peckish in the day!
ok tonights dinner - munching as i type spanish omlette with some boiled potato (that my son didnt want) peppers and peas served with 2 quorn sausages and baked beans

the special k mini breaks have been had!! 5 syns!

i have a low cal hartleys jelly in the fridge which i might have later
OMG!! pound off!! after that blow out weekend! i am pleasantly suprised!!!

anyhow today is Green

Brekkie - Muller light banana custard flavour with half a chopped banana and a sachet of oat so simple HEXB

Lunch - I have made a salad with Butter Beans, Canalini beans SW coleslaw 1 syn topped with boring old lettuce cucumber and tomato!

Dinner - I am planning to have a chick pea curry with carrots and peas, rice and possibly some salad if i can be bothered to cut some up!!

snacks: i still have 2 a choices and 1 b choice! :p

No syns for me for the rest of the day now! have munched a packet of special k mini's and a walkers crisps! total of 11 syns!
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hmmmm am having a healthy ex snack with two slices of WM bread and cheese and a few baked beans yummy! real comfort food!! :p

:eek:EDIT!!!!: i'm still major hungry! :( have just microwaved an egg and topped it with the remainder of the beans!!:cool:

i have major munchies today!!
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i actually didnt need anything after yesterdays mini binge!!

but today is a red day!!

Brekkie - two eggs made with frylight on sliced tomatoes and a mug of green tea

2 finger kitkat 5.5 syns

Lunch Cod topped with breadcrumbs and sundried tomatoes with steamed veggies! - was in an italian restaurant so so of course there were syns but i dont know how many!

Just to be on the safe side i think i am going to go syn free today and tommorrow

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Where is your fruit and veg Hun?? These are the "bulk" things that make you full, so that you dont get the munchies too often.
yeah i know i was thinking that too! i need to include more veggies but when ever i fruit i have a gain so i kind of stayed away from fruit!!

i ended up having another bag of special k mini breaks! :( another 5 syns tommorrow has got to be syn free
Green day!!

Thanks Mrs V for the much needed nail head bang realisation for me not eating enough veggies!! my fridge is pretty much bare of all my fav veggies no peppers, not much onion no mushrooms so here is what i did manage to make for lunch:

Brekkie - Weetabix with milk - 1 HEXBand A
Lunch couscous with half an onion, courgette, cherry tomms and SW coleslaw 0.5 syn as OH took half!!

Dinner what i want is a cheesy spinach omlette, mushrooms tomato and some baked beans but i will need to shop for that! :p

also just had an alpen lite 0.5 HEXB
i ended up having a cheese, tomato and spring onion omlette with beans and slimming world chips

Tea and a couple of nairns oat biccies at 3 syns i also munched the other half of my HEXb alpen lite bar
weekend wasnt too bad!! saturday was an omlette with toast HEXb

didnt have lunch was too busy with housework and i forgot!! till i got mega munchies and ate a bag of snack a jacks 4 syns!!

dinner i went to my brother's place who is actually really healthy in the way he cooks i'm sure its didnt have many syns but i chose to stay syn free for the rest of the day - was pretty much a green meal of daal, rice, mashed aubergine curry and egg curry

Sunday - ended up being an EE day

Breakfast - egg and toast HEXb

Lunch - baked potato with tuna ans sweetcorn and a big side salad- wasnt syn free as i dont know how much mayo went in!!

Syns - Mikado sticks around 5 so around 2.5 syns i think??

Dinner - nandos style chicken salad with lettuce cucumber pineapple, peppers and a few slimmin world chips on the side!

Total syns? dont know but i dont think its too bad??

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