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  1. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    Hello. I've been thinking about starting a diary for a bit of time, and with the encouragement of a friend I've decided to bite the bullet and do so. Started back on WW three Saturday's ago, and am doing quite well. Had a 1.8-pound loss this week, but I'm calling it 2 for mental sake. lol. Quite pleased with that though, as it's shoved me down to 59-pp. I feel less bad at being on less than 60 a week.

    But anyway...mostly been a good day. Tried the new Jamaican Jerk Pot Noodle for lunch (wasn't sure what the points are, but assumed it was 11pp as they mostly are), and had mousakka (made from a recipe in the a WW book) with BNS chips for tea. Yum.

    Then went and pigged-out of a family size bag of crisps for supper. Poor use of 21pp, but that will mostly come from my weeklies. :p

    Party Puffs & skimmed milk - 4pp

    Pot Noodle - 11pp
    Cheese filled square wrap - 14pp
    Hovis thick (to mop up the left over pot noodle :p) - 3pp

    Mousakka - 9pp
    BNS chips - 0pp

    Snacks etc
    WW Caramel Mallow Wafer - 1pp
    WW Chocolate Eclair - 2pp
    WW Fruit Crumble Biscuit - 2pp
    Real Crisps Ham & Mustard crisps - 21pp

    Daily Points Used: 59 of 59
    Weekly Points Used: 8 of 49 (3 used yesterday)

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  3. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    ohh yeah that friend of yours must be awesome


  4. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    I can't disagree with that...they are amazing. :p

    My plans for Sunday didn't work out this week, so having a quiet one in contemplating my job interview tomorrow and gaming.

    I skipped brekkie, as I often do when it's not a work day. Naughty me! lol

    Tesco Chicken, Tomato & Basil Couscous - 20pp (goodness me)

    Turkey breast steak (128g) - 3pp
    Sweetcorn (100g) - 4pp
    WW Spring Onion Mash - 4pp
    Reggae Reggae Cooking Sauce (350g) - 12pp
    Hovis Thick Bread (1 slice) - 3pp

    Snacks Etc.
    WW Eclair - 2pp
    Activia Coconut Yoghurt - 3pp
    WW Chocolate & Hazelnut Desert - 4pp
    Real Crisps Roast Ox - 5pp

    Daily Points Used: 59 of 59
    Weekly Points Used: 1 of 38

    Last edited: 5 August 2012
  5. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Hiya,seen you on a couple of threads,welcome :0) remember..the most important meal of the day ;0) I hope all goes well for your Job interview tomorrow and well done on your weight loss :0)
  6. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    dunno bout you but I wouldn't be much keen on sweatcorn!!!!!
  7. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Lol ;0)
  8. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    I see no sweatcorn... :p
  9. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    All dirty lies, I see that you've edited it along the bottom of the post mister!

    Whats for noms today?
  10. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    'Course I edited it...had to add the other things I ate. :p ;)

    Will be shoving up a breakdown later, once I decide what I'm having for dinner...not done any planning today, if I'm honest, besides that lunch is a pot noodle. :p I've had better interviews (my nerves got the better of me, as they tend to when I think I've actually got a chance of getting the job), but we'll see. Shall know this afternoon if I've got it, I'm told.
  11. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    Party Puffs with Skimmed Milk - 4pp

    Beef & Tomato Pot Noodle - 10pp
    Tesco Light Choices Thai Curry Flavour Cassava Crackers - 2pp

    Bernard Matthews Mini Kievs (x6) - 8pp
    WW Oven Chips - 8pp
    Branston Baked Beans (1/2 tin) - 3pp
    Reggae Reggae Ketchup - 1pp

    Snacks Etc.
    Single-malt Scotch Whiskey (2 pub measures) - 4pp
    WW Chocolate Brownie Desert - 5pp
    WW Fruit Crumble Bar - 2pp
    WW Mallow Wafer - 1pp
    Nutrigrain Apple Bar - 7pp
    Orange Juice (100ml) - 5pp

    Daily Points Used: 59 of 59
    Weeklies Used: 0 of 37
    Last edited: 6 August 2012
  12. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    ooohh!!! uh oh!! the mini kievs are out again!! Not a vege day for you today then? :p

    p.s what the heck are party puffs? Sounds like something you'd find in a gay nightclub... lol
  13. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    Party Puffs are a cereal. :p Basically they're sugar puffs with bits of meringe in them. Think they are a limited edition thing for the olympics. Only got them as they were £1 a box. lol

    Nah, don't do vegetarian days much now...chicken is my thing. lol. Only having kievs as I've no idea what else to have, and am too lazy today to make anything.

    Just heard too, I didn't get the job. Gave a good interview, apparantly, but went to basically the digitisation assistant...which is fair enough.
  14. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Ahh you dirty great big cheapo =P I don't think I could do complete vegetarian, i like burgers and meat too much... =3

    Pity about the job, but at least its given you a boost, you know you did a good interview so maybe that job just wasnt the one for you :)
  15. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    Thanks. I'm disappointed naturally, but it is nice to know that I gave an interview...and from the feedback I've had, it sounds promising for the future.

    I spent about 6-months as a vegetarian, as you know, and the thing I missed was bacon. Sure Quorn do imitation bacon, but just can't beat nicely fried bacon with brown sauce. Yum. Hmmm...wonder if there's any in the house. lolol.
  16. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Yeah there are a lot of vegetarian meals I just love (especially cheese, pasta, and pizza recipes) and I could go a few days even a week without meat, but I don't think I could go forever.
  17. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    Well I took a peak at the scales this morning (I tend to on Tuesday, just to get an idea how I'm doing mid-week), and it's showing me with a 5-pound loss so far. I am, honestly, a bit shocked by that, as I couldn't see that I was doing anything spectacular this week diet-wise. My aim now is to just keep that loss consistant for Thursday for the real weigh in.

    Lion Bar cereal with skimmed milk - 4pp

    eeks with Creamy Cheese Sauce - 5pp
    Granary Bagette (100g) - 7pp

    Sausage & BNS Stew - 6pp
    ranary Bagette (125g) - 8pp


    Orange Juice (175ml) - 9pp
    Nutrigrain Blueberry Bar - 7pp
    Real Crisps Roast Ox Flavour - 8pp

    Daily Points Used: 54 of 59
    Weeklies Used: 0 of 37
    Last edited: 7 August 2012
  18. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Sorry to hear you didn't get the job but yay to your weight loss,fingers crossed for you for Thursday :0)
  19. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    Thanks. :)

    As I'm not in working until this afternoon, I've had a bit of a cooking morning and adapated a few recipes. Lunch is a leek & cheese bake thing I've taken from the old Simply Suppers cook book, and dinner is a recipe from the latest WW magazine. Bit confused by that though, as the magazine gives it as 8pp...but putting all the ingredients into eSource it comes out as 6pp. Perhaps they used different vegetarian sausages in the recipe (Cauldorn ones maybe), as opposed to the Quorn ones I used.
  20. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Could be that they used different sausages,could you share your leek and cheese bake recipe please? It sounds nice.
  21. bolero982

    bolero982 Silver Member

    Sure. :) Basically you take some leeks (1 per person), half them & boil for about 10 minutes to soften. Then you make up a cheesey sauce with 200g low fat soft cheese, 150ml skimmed milk, 2 teaspoons of wholegrain mustard (although I used 1 teaspoon of English mustard as didn't have wholegrain). Just whisk the cheese & milk together to make a sauce, then add the mustard & a little parsley. Put the leeks into a baking dish, and pour over the sauce. Grill for about 15-minutes, then serve.
    The amount of sauce there is supposed to serve 4, but I did it (and pointed it) for two instead as I like something I can mop up with a bit of bread. :p

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