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  1. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    I just sat down after a lovely long soak int he bath and thought mmmm I am going to grab a few Ice cubes....

    I get fed up of drinking water at times, but it was so nice to sit and suck on these, knowing that they are doing me good... See another simple pleasure I have found on my journey!

    Anyone else have a silly simple pleasure! that they have happened upon doing CD?
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  3. Pineapplehugs

    Pineapplehugs Member

    A chip shop pickled onion. I've had a jar in the cupboard since before I started and so had a nibble. About 10 calories each and NO citric acid to knock you out of Ketosis as done in Acetic Acid. Just nice once or twice a week to crunch on something so delicious. Its like Chips without the chips!
  4. Bess

    Bess Plod, plod, plod.....

    An occasional pickled egg! Same reason as above!
  5. Lin18

    Lin18 Silver Member

    A simple pleasure is standing on the scales and knowing that it will move again this week - much better than food pleasures
  6. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    eggs and onions <yikes!>

    Will stick to my icecubes !
    Oh and of course always look forward to the scales moving in the right direction!
  7. crazylilblondie

    crazylilblondie Pizza addict

    Mines a bit random, but I love making my chocolate shakes in a tiny glass with noy a lot of water, then squishing the spoon against all the lumpy bits and licking the spoon - its like eating cake mixture and what I really look forward to every day! lol
  8. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    I had a simple pleasure last night in the pub watching my beloved Chelsea. A man was standing next to me watching the game and he started chatting to me and kept on talking and asking questions about me and my life and seemed genuinely interested. He was gradually moving into my personal space and we both seemed quite comfortable with that. Believe me girls, this sort of thing hasnt happened to me for a long time. A simple pleasure though which put a smile on me face lol. Can't wait for the return leg next Tuesday. Could watch it at home but methinks me and Mrs Lampard will be going to the pub heheheheheheh xx
  9. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

  10. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

    oooo I'd definately be back down the pub!

    It's lovely to see the simple pleasures, mine is definately the scales going down, the mixamousse I love having as a treat, and also today getting into a smaller size pair of jeans, that was a hugeee motivation for me x
  11. Jesslima

    Jesslima Is determined!

    lol thats funny!

    I cut up my bars into small squares and have a particular order in which to eat them, obviously the corner ones with the most chocolate on come last lol
  12. Lexie_dog


    getting a hug from my husband, and his arms reaching around a little further every day and week

    Watching my lower tummy shrink, it now no longer slips over the top of my pants

    Watching my wardrobe shrink. My clothes size and the sheer volume too!
  13. efk

    efk Full Member

    Mine is silly, but I like looking an all the Coast, River Island, Oasis etc websites and picking out clothes I can wear with my new body!
  14. mooncat

    mooncat loves the moon and cats!

    I look forward to planning what shake I'm going to have each meal and really savouring it :gimi:
  15. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    I love looking in the mirror every day and seeing my waist shrinking away.. (which I hated doing before)..

    I love jumping on the scales in the morning... especially seeing it when its going down and down!!!!!
  16. Gracey

    Gracey Full Member

    I'm with you on the morning weighs curlywurly it gets me out of bed nice and early, my boss will be pleased :)

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