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Since 2006....


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This is my journey since 2006 in brief. I only put this on here as I'd like to hear other people's journeys in the last 5 years as well and see how we all compare.

In 2006 I started CD in summer aged 26 and 12st7lbs. I lost about 3 and a half stone in 4 months although started going a little crazy and actually got down at one point to 8st7lbs!!! :eek:

Over the course of the next 4 years I accepted a little weight gain but then it started gradually coming back on. I can't say for certain how long it took - I know I still looked hot on my 29th if the photos are to be believed but by my 30th I was huge (in between this time had met my boyfriend - I blame him!!). I guess I just kept accepting a bit more weight gain, then a bit more, then, well we know the rest...:eek:

Back I went in April 2010 to my CDC. I was 11st4lbs so was still 1st3lbs less than when I started but my BMI was just over 26 but I felt/looked absolutely massive. I was just so disappointed in myself that I had let it get this bad - that I had entered my 30s in the way I spent most of my life in my late teens/20s. I tried again but was really bad the second time and didn't stick to it at all, despite being really rigid the first time. I didn't quite get to target weight and then pretty much didn't follow a maintenance plan at all :eek:

Now I've found it's inevitably slipping back on and I'm re-considering which diet to do next. I can't even describe the disappointment that you have for yourself when you keep doing this to yourself. I was so determined to be in the small percent of people that keep it off and I was suceeding for a bit. I know "yo-yo" dieting is so bad for you and I know that I was so much happier when I was thinner but I can't stop eating. Today I've had so much crap food it's embarrassing. And I wanted to be slim and healthy as I got older.

Anyone else recognise this? It's not just hating myself for being fat but hating myself for losing all that weight and doing so well and being so proud and then letting it go back on.

I sound like I'm having a bit of a pity party now and I didn't mean to go on. I just want to know - all those people reading this that started a diet in 2006 and suceeded then, how are they doing now and since then?

Thanks Clare :D
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I know exactly where you are coming from. Have done exactly the same myself but to a far greater degree and it is always in my mind that even if I do lose it,I'll put it back on. It would be lovely to read some stories who lost it and kept it off. I know they must be out there.
I really agree about the way it affects yr self esteem. Every single news article seems to be about obese people so I feel really guilty too. I think it is a mind set. I'm feeling v positive about it at the moment but can't tell you why.
Best of luck - you did it before, you can do it again!
Btw, I know you feel huge but you don't sound it to me!
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I know exactly where you are comming from. I lost 5 stone and then put 4 of it back on. I feel as though i felt ok about my weight for about 5 mins then i put it back on again. Im starting out again this week and im far more scared about keeping the weight off than loosing it in the first place!!!! We can do this and i think it comes down to self worth. We have to believe we deserve to be slim (especailly after the effort we will have go to, to get there!) and this is the new us and how we will stay. I m a fan of quick weight loss but sometimes i think it makes it harder to keep the weight off cos the change happens so quickly, you dont have time to get used to it! xoxoxo


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I'm the same! I was around 11 stone, had a baby and was 14 stone did CD and got back down to 11 but then had another baby and am now nearly 18 stone!!!!!!

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We can do it!!! Sadly I'm particularly encouraged by watching my frog move along the grass :)
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thats not sad at all, whatever works for ya!!! Can you tell me how to get a ticker? i have created one on ticker factory, but i cant work out how you post it to your signiture??? thanks xoxoxox
S: 16st6lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(8.7%)
Can you tell me how to get a ticker? i have created one on ticker factory, but i cant work out how you post it to your signiture??? thanks xoxoxox
From memory, you copy the link ticker factory gives you and then post it on your signature :)


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You might have to have posted enough times on minis to be able to put that much in your signature.

I recognise your journey too. I'd lost 5 stone on LL, but then put most of it back on when I had dd. I'm now at my lowest weight since I was about 13, and so determined to get to a healthy bmi, but like others, what concerns me most is how to make sure I never put it all back on again, and also how not to pass on the bad habits to my daughter. I'm trying to build more exercise into my day to day life, and hope to be fit enough to cycle to/from work by after Easter.

My plan when I start transitioning back to real food is to follow a gl plan. I have a good friend who lost with LL a few years ago and is now maintaining with gl, so she's my inspiration that it is possible!