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Siobhan's 3rd time lucky!!

Well ladies,

After a brief encounter with WW which I tried at 18 years old & had forgotten how much I'd needed to sleep off the hunger for it to bloody work (not now possible with a 6 month old!!) I've come back to the ol'trusty SW :)

Started this journey last March weighing in at 17st 10lbs, lost half a stone...and then in April, got accidentally pregnant! (little miracle!) got sick with it and lost quite a bit during & after. I balanced out at a new weight in May this year of 15st 9lbs.
People say the mum-tum pounds are harder to shift - at first, I'd called mums lazy, and was ignorant to it, but I'm actually amazed as to how much a womans body changes once you've had a child. I had a section - so that means I'm likely at some point to encounter 'apron belly' and feel the lower part of my stomach is my definite problem area due to pregnancy etc.
Anyway, to cut a long story short since May 10 I've managed to get down to 13st 13lbs, its been a tough journey and I STS for 7 weeks running give or take going up and coming back down a pound or two.
At first, I blamed the plan, but looking back the plan works fantastically, abusing it however by gorging til you're about to burst probably isn't the best way forward! But hey, I'm honest, right :) ??

So, here I am.
And, I pledge, that by christmas 2010 I will be at least 12st 7lbs, that gives me 1st 6lbs to aim for, off by xmas this year.
I also pledge to fill this diary in, daily, even if nobody so much glances at it, just for me :)

Siobhan xxxxx
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Wednesday 11th August 2010

Well today has been TOTALLY messed up!
So, until tommorow when I get my ass back into things, this is going to be a day where I've aimed for 1500 calories & stuck to it.
An argument with the hubby, a broken fridge and other things along the way have meant, yup, you guessed it my game plan is well & truly out the window for this particularly cruddy wednesday!

Is it green, is it red, is it ee? Who knows!
Here goes, though:

1 x banana
2 x choc w'bix (HEB1 in theory!)(2 syns)
Skim milk (HEA1 in theory)

Weight watchers Beef Hotpot (6 syns)
1 x Alpen Light (HEB2 in theory!)
Hazelnut hot chocolate (1.5 syns)

Quorn Mince (175g)
Pasta, wholemeal, (50g)
Maris Piper Potatoes (100g) Made into sw chips
Chilli-con-carne sauce - half a jar (3 syns)

1 x banana
1 x vanilla muller-light yoghurt

Snacks later:
HEB2 Alpen light bar
Milky sweet coffee, remained of HEA1

Hmmm maybe just maybe I can pull this off as a green day with minimum damage?

Syns: 12.5 :) Not so bad afterall, and I know I'm under 1500 cals ;)

Do you guys mind checking?

My diary for today as I'm doing an Extra-Easy but always feel I'm eating too much!!

Any comments appreciated :)

2 x ww wholemeal bread (HEB)
3 x small smoked extra lean bacon medallions
1 x small dollop ketchup (0.5 syns)

Small amount of sliced ham, glass of water.

Handfull of white penne pasta - boiled
150g sliced ham
2 x tbsp of extra-light mayo (1 syn)
sweetcorn, kidney beans, peppers
Mixed salad leaves/carrot grated
1 x Nectarine

Banana & 2 ww fromage frais yogs (1 syn for the pair)

2 x chicken breasts in Nando's marinade (3 syns)
1/2 pack of Batchelors rice
1 x 225g jacket potato with HEA - 42g of half fat cheddar

40g pudding rice made up with water & a splodge of ww reduced fat strawberry jam (1)

Water - 2L
Tea - 2 cups (1 syn for dashes of skimmed milk)

Thanks guys :) xxx

Projected syns is 7.5 though I may add another splodge of jam if I'm feeling naughty at 1 syn ;) xx
Hi, Aim for comfortably full rather than stuffed and take your time over your food. I'm not sure I could eat that much personally anymore though I'd give it a good go.:)

Main thing I noticed is lack of superfree food, it's especially important while you're doing EE. You don't have any at breakfast or dinner. You have salad and peppers at lunch so great that counts as your superfree.:) Perhaps have superfree as snacks too. Superfree on your plate reduces the amount of green and red free foods which is sort of the point of EE.

Other than that your day looks fine, you have your HE's and syns.
The trouble is, I'm up from 6am with a 6mnth old so that amount is really what I need to keep going - to be fair I havent had the banana or one of the yoghurts and dont plan to :)
thanks for feedback guys xxxxx
Thanks missy have decided to go for just the jacket spud & my HEA xx
I would agree that it would be good to increase your superfree foods. Aim for one third of your daily food to be superfree (though this is just a guide, not a rule that is set in stone).
So you could have had grilled tomato and mushrooms with breakfast an apple for your morning snack, cherry toms and cucumber instead of sweetcorn in your pasta salad, broccoli with your tea instead of rice...
This does not mean eating more, as having more ingredients in your meal means you'll eat less of everything, so without meaning to you will reduce your carb and meat intake, helping you to lose weight!

Simples ;)
Argh thanks girls :( wish I knew what I was doing I felt I'd done well today, too, as things like sweetcorn etc were only 1tbsp measures and the pasta was 40g so I figured if I measured my food out I'd be taking control of my portions..But will take all ur advice onboard and try to re-think for tommorow :) thanks xx
Thursday 19th August ....

Well, I've been told I'm doing it wrong, right, not enough this, that but sod it.
I'm having a go none the less :/ haha.

So here goes: EE day - day 1 back on slimming world plan once more.

2 x wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (HEB)
3 x small bacon medallions, extra lean
1 small splodge of hp tomato ketchup (0.5 syns)

1 x ww fromage frais yogurt - (0.5 syns)

40g white penne pasta boiled
2 tbsp extra-light mayo (1 syn)
2 tbsp of 'salsa mix' sweetcorn, which includes kidney beans & red pepper
200g sliced wafer thin ham

Nectarine, 1 x strawberry (yes, just 1!)

2 x chicken fillets marinaded in nando's portuguese bbq sauce (3 syns)
1 x medium jacket potato (approx 250g)
42g HEA cheese half fat
Brocolli - 100g

40g short grain rice & sweetener (i.e rice pudding syn free style) with a dollop of weight watchers raspberry jam (0.5 syns)
Milk in my cup of tea - dash (0.5 syns)

Snack later:
Banana (if needed)
Options Hot Choc - Milk added (2.5 syns)

Total syns for day:
8.5 :)

I don't actually think that looks a bad day, and if it is, so be bloody it Im trying :( xx
I re-jigged it a bit, so it looks like so...:)

2 x ww wholemeal bread (HEB)
3 x small smoked extra lean bacon medallions
1 x small dollop ketchup (0.5 syns)

Small amount of sliced ham, glass of water.

Handfull of white penne pasta - boiled
150g sliced ham
2 x tbsp of extra-light mayo (1 syn)
1tbsp of sweetcorn, kidney beans, peppers
Mixed salad leaves/carrot grated
1 x Nectarine

1 ww fromage frais yogs (0.5 syn)

2 x chicken breasts in Nando's marinade (3 syns)
100g Broccolli
1 tbsp of baked beans,
sweetcorn salsa mix (2 tbsp)
1 x 225g jacket potato.
Ketchup (0.5 syns)

40g pudding rice made up with water & a splodge of ww reduced fat strawberry jam (1)

Water - 2L Tea - 1 cup (0.5 syn for dashes of skimmed milk)
Sorry to keep doing this but...

Do you guys mind checking todays food for me? I'm a bit confused still by EE :S thanks :)

None - glass of water - felt off this morning

Bowl of low-fat supernoodles, chicken and herb (syn free, I think?)
2 x ww brown bread - wholemeal - HEB
Small bowl of chopped strawberries with sweetener (
superfree part of lunch)

2 x chocolate weetabix - 8.5 syns
Milk - partial HEA of 350ml of Skimmed Milk
(Due on * week and it was these or a chocolate binge!)

White pasta shells (approx 80g dry weight)
Sliced ham, wafer thin.
2 X Tbsp 'Lighter than light' mayo - 1 syn
Salad - lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrot, cabbage etc.
1 x Banana/small amount of strawberries with sweetener

Thanks guys, I'd really appreciate any feedback. Just soo want to make the plan work for me this time :):eek::p

I think it would've probably made a better green day with the meat being synned? Not sure though :/ xx


Likes to eat.........alot
I'd have that as a green day actually. Syn the ham and with 2 HEXb on green, you'll gain the 8.5 syns from the weetabix, which might come in handy later if you're craving anything :D
Monday: EE

Breakfast: 2 x choc Weetabix (HEB + 2 SYNS) & HEBA milk out of 350ml skimmed

Snack: Banana & low fat yogurt
Low fat chicken & herb supernoodles, 2 slices ww bread ( 6 syns ) ,handful of wafer thin ham
Strawberries, small bowl chopped with sweetener

Pasta shells, boiled, weight watchers pasta sauce (6 syns)
2 x 100g fish portions with cajun spices

Syn free rice pudding made with remainder of HEA and a splodge of ww jam (1 syn)

On the whole quite a stodgy day but due * week and just so pleased didn't go over syns!
Total: 15 :) xx
Am I over-eating?

I'm a mum of a 6mth old eddie and am often up from 6.30, here is todays diary do you guys think you could tell me if I'm eating too much as had lots of maintains previously :-s I keep saying I'll stop posting these but feel all wobbly and unsure I'm doing it right!
2 x slices ww brown bread (HEB)
3 x fat-removed, extra lean bacon medallions
...Mushrooms, large, cut and fried in fry light.

Lunch: (Pasta salad)
Handful of white pasta shells, boiled
100g of wafer thin ham
2 tbsp of extra light mayo (1 syn)
14g of cheddar cheese (1/2 of HEA)
Small bow of strawberries with tsp of sweetener

Tesco's 'Eat Smart' Chicken & Pasta bake ( 5 syns )
SW Chips (200g of maris piper)
Broccoli (50g approx)

SW Syn free rice pudding made with half milk (remainder of HEA) and half water
Splodge of WW Jam (1 syn)

1 x small milky way (well half of! shared with eddie!!) 3 syns

Drinks: Water, Options (1.5 caramel)

Total syns: 12
Body magic: 1 mile walk with buggy/ House top-to-toe.

Thanks guys xx


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