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sisters !!


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Id just come home from parents evening and put the kettle on for my soup, when there a knock on the door, my super slim sister size 8, she says you look nice but... you need to stop now, you have lost enough now, wks 17lbs that cant be good for you, you are starving youself its not healthy:mad::mad::mad:... (She had met my friend at dance class and she told her how well I was doing) and then brust out crying and said she loved me. I dont understand why she cant be happy for me, for the first time ever im losing weight and looking and feeling great, Im going on holiday in a couple of weeks so I will need to refeed but she made me so CROSS:mad: sorry just needed to blow off some steam x
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tell me about them

ive got 3 sisters so know exactly what your saying.

a few years a go i lost nearly 9stone.......(thats another story)

however one of my ssiters who has always been the skinny one tried everything to sabotage my efforts, i distinctly remember one evening giving her a lift home and the tears and shouting i had to endure about what i was doing to myself, hadnt i taken it too far, your supposed to be fat so i should stop now, i don't love her or my family or i wouldnt be doing this.

my husband sat me down and explained that i was upsetting the famliy/sister balance and she was scared about what her role would be going forward if i became the skinny one!!!!!!!!!!! (he was so right)

i also noticed that all these years later she still tries to sabotage me, glass of wine and nice nibbles whenever i go down to her houes, so i limit myself to once a week and drive so i can't drink.

i think losing my weight (the first time) really opened my eyes to who was a true friend.

Could it be shes just concerned because she doesnt understand about a VLCD. The fact she burst into tears sounds to me like its a genuine concern rather than jealousy. She probably is happy for you but for a lot of people (myself included before I joined Minimins) VLCDs can sound unhealthy and even dangerous. She possibly sees it that youre starving yourself, I bet you any money had you lost the same amount of weight calorie counting or on WW etc shed be thrilled for you.

Sounds like you should maybe properly explain how a VLCD works, the way she reacted doesnt sound as if shes jealous...


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she could be concerned for me, although she is crazy about the way she looks, in the past she has even asked me does she weigh an egg with or without the shell to work out how many cals it has in it??
I just wish she could be happy for me


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Thanks starlight i wil try and talk to her this weekend and explain the diet xoxox hope your right

Ive had lots of different reaction from people good and bad just like golden girl hope she worried about me and not jealous, glad to know im not the only one going through it xoxo


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i havent told any of my family what i am doing yet....i will but just not yet.

Having said that my sis and i have both got weight probs we have even talked about getting tate worm before now so we could fill our faces and still shrink!! I think she will be happy and thoroughly miserable at the smae time - happy i am losing and sad she aint losing as quickly!!!

and the holiday i am going on with her in august is another story though - but its my life, my holiday, my health, my diet, mine mine mine...so if she has probs she will be told to butt out big styleee!!!

bahhhh humbugs the lot of em!!!



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thats the exact reason i dont intend to tell my family!
just keep doing what makes YOU happy and dont listen to anyone else x
i dont have any sisters, but my bestest friend said to me " your losing weight, but your ar$e is still there"
She's a size 10 and flaunts it at every opportunity.

I just smiled and said "thanks luv, your right.. but not for much longer" she then said "well you know your gonna have to control the way you eat afterwards....and thats the hard bit".
I replied all smiles..."thanks babe your a star for telling me stuff i know already, keep it up!, thats why ur my best friend"

i think the balance is changing, i am super confident and also way more optimistic about the future. Its not a dream anymore i can see myself being happy and slimmer! SHe is defo not happy with that, but you know what we are all individuals and need to make ourselves happy or else it will affect every other part of our lives. it would have seriously affected me before, but this time i am finally in control, it just spurs me on to keep going!!

I am getting there...bit by bit big ar$e or not!!!
p.s your sister/friend/cousin/brother... they can all be bi.tches sometimes its not the ppl you expect!!
Sisters eh! Mine rings me up most nights to tell me in great detail (aromas an'all) about what she had for tea or which wonderful food market she visited today and bought......... Then she goes into a full blown rant about "it can't be good for you. You'll put it all back on and more... bla, bla, bla" She's been overweight most of her life and the truth is hasn't got the strength needed to even try a VLCD like LT. I just let her get it all off her chest and smile to myself because I know that by our birthday's (we're both October) I'll be the one looking fab and feeling great!
Thanks for all your support, I am sorry I told her but going to carry on with LT coz it works. Heres to smaller bottoms lol oxox


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i have 3 sisters who are sizes 6/8 , and my mam who is a size 6.
None of my sisters have mentioned my weight loss really apart from one saying i cant believe ur still sticking to that, dunno whether it was a compliment or not.
My mam on the other hand is very supportive but was even more supportive when she came to my house and saw my kitchen.i have "fat" pictures everywhere 20+ and my progress chart on the walls.

im just amazed how some people can be so supportive and other pull you down........"thats not healthy" "it will all go back on when you finish"
so i decided ......i am doing this for me and to get pregnant so everyone who supports me ...fantastic there great !! everyone who does not ....tough... ill show them.

Lea xx


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I'm the opposite... my sister was always the fat one.... I was lithe, toned, & muscled... & when I was a teenager I was an absolute ******* & always teasing her...

Now I'm the fat one & she's lost loads of weight (she really grafted at it too - & still does - using WW).

I look on my weight as karma / a life experience.

As they say - don't judge until you've walked a mile in someones shoes... I've experienced both sides of the coin & know which one I prefer...


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I dont have any sisters either but Ive loads of friends who are obessed with their looks and I was always the "fat friend" and there with giggles and a big happy smile. Now that Im getting healthier and losing the weight they are being really mean and unsupported!

Anyway sod them... you are doing it for you, no one else let them have the problem, you are sorting out yourself for you!
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I have 2 slim sisters but I don't see them as often as I'd like to. Neither of them knows I'm dieting (unless my mum has said something to them even if she hasn't said it to me) and I'm hoping to look significantly different when I next see them - probably in August.

In the past they haven't thrown my fatness in my face - although my mum constantly makes little comments about it - usually saying my sister has lost more weight, the implication being I should!

Even when I reach my target I'll be bigger than them but that's fine by me - I have boobs whereas they are both flatchested! I wouldn't change that for the world!!! Lol!!

Lou, I could understand your sister if your BMI was low but at 35, like me, we are still obese and need to lose more. Take what she says with a pinch of salt. Explain LT to her together with the fact you are medically overweight and see how she reacts. You will be able to tell if her concern is genuine or if it's just jealousy.

Lumpyroo - good attitude - they are obviously jealous - let them be! You are doing great!


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