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Size 12? Really??!!

OMG alive,

I don't know what to say -

I "nipped" to Sainsburys and while there I saw a pair of dark navy jeans in a size 12 for a tenner. So I though oooooOOOoOOO shall I? shant I. To be honest I tried a pair of 12 on 2 weeks ago from New Look and I couldn't get them over my thighs so I thought ohh I'll buy them as a target pair of jeans and for a tenner you can't really go wrong. So just now before changing into the bestest clothes ever (jammies) I tried them on and F**K me they fit. I do have a muffin top going on a little bit but jeeeeeeez they fit and I mean they fit like the button does up and everything.......

But I don't really believe it. I think they must be a big 12.
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YAY! Congratulations, I bet you are sooooo chuffed? heck, I'm even chuffed for you! :) :happy036: :bliss: and my fave :banana dancer:

So, when are you wearing them out? x
I love that boob shaking banana. How do you do that?

:eek: wear them out? Hmmm I forgot I could do that.. errrr, maybe in 2 weeks time if the muffin top goes down a little.


Please kick my butt!!
Ubber Congrats xoxox


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Is there a jealous as hell smiley? :) Well done! It must be a fantastic feeling! We need a pic of you in them! :D


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Yay Yay Yay - what a great feeling and they will soon fit perfectly. Must be something about Sainsburys I was in there today and bought a t-shirt is a 12 - not it is a little tight but it fits ok, and is probably as tight as my old t-shirts were.

Enjoy the feeling - it is awesome!
Awww Thanks,

well done you on your size 12 too. I like Sainsburys clothes lots if the label says 12 and I fit in it lol.

Might be brave and try out somewhere else to see if I can fit in them too lol. xxxx


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I am sure you will suprise yourself if you do - you are doing so well and your goal is really close now - so exciting!
It feels like a life time away to be honest.

I gotto say though I am finding these last few weeks a real battle, nearly threw it all away earlier thats the real reason behind the size 12's I suppose.
Well done Miss Scoffalittle!!

Can't imagine I will ever be a 12, but will be just as excited when I get in to a 14!



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Mrs Scoff I started a week earlier than you so am in week 15. I did think during my 810 week that I wasn't sure about carrying on but now after nearly 2 weeks back on SS I was just thinking that I am looking forward to loosing this final chunk of weight and the quickest way to the end is to be 100%. I also realised that I have to loose about 22 lbs from current (unofficial weight) before I can no longer do SS. Think about that as it is a St over BMI 25 - isn't it. You must only have about half a stone to go - not far at all! Keep up the great work...
yayy :D i used to be a size 12....when iw as 14 lol! still got some of those clothes upstairs haha and ill get into them again...sometime :p very big well done to you xxxxx

I didn't realise you could only SS to BMI 25 +1 stone, I had planned on going SS all the way to BMI 25 :eek:
That was my understanding too. I think you have to be a BMI of 25 + 1 stone if you want to actually do Cambridge, but if you are heavier you can SS up to BMI 25 then you have to start moving up the plans and do at least 810.
Well done on the size 12's. Hmmm-if you are the same weight as me does that mean they'd fit me too? Might take a trip to Sainsburys some time!:D


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LOL Kate, yes I think I was a size 12 when I was 18, I am now 34 - oops !!!

Sizing in shops really annoy me, why are they all different ???

I have 14's and 16's, some 6's are too small, 14's too big ? IT MAKES NO SENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK peoples.

Have just been to weigh in and have lost 3lb this week which has put a smile on my face :)

While I was there I asked about this BMI25 + 1stone and my CDC said it was only for those people who wanted to start SS and not for people who have already lost the weight by SSing. PHEW!!!!!. Back on track, also I was given the sacred yellow book.

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