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is there anybody out there who is a size 14?

if so how much do you weigh if you dont mind me asking ? Im askin because im 12 stone and ive heard of people being a 14 weighing 12stone . Im like 5ft tall lol so im looking chunkier the bigger i am so i dont fit in to smaller sizes where as somebody tall woud.

it would help me to see if i could try to fit in to a size 14 jeans as i am a size 16 right now.

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I was a size 14 at but I'm 12stone 7lbs, but i'm 5'7, dunno if that helps!


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I'm a size 14 and weigh 13stone. I am also 5ft 7in. Although even when I get down to 11stone (which I was in August) I am still a size 14, although it is a lot looser lolx


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I'm 5ft 1" i was the same weight as you when i started (166lbs) and a size 16 too. I probably was a size 14 at around 150lbs then a 12 at about 140 a 10 around 130 and just now i'm a size 8-10 at 124lbs. I hope that helps :D.


Don't worry, be happy :)
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Yeah but it htink it all depends on how you carry your weight. You look so much thinner than i did at the same starting weight, so you might not need to lose too much but from my experience i'd say a dress size per stone.


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I asked my friend!lol

she's 5'2" and weighs 13stone and she wears a Size 14!


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Im size 14. [:

Im 5ft7 and i weigh around 12stone 5. [:



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I'm 10 stone 12 now and I'm a size 14 for jeans and size 12 top half. I'm 5" 3', so like little*red says, it all depends how you carry your weight. I've lost about half a stone and gone from 14 to 12 top half but not the bottom half yet.

I know from experience that the weight all comes off my hips and legs the last stone before I get to target.



Wants to be a skinny mini
ok well i think im going to wait till im 11stone , thats just about 11lbs off what i am now then id try on a pair of 14 jeans. i just have a really big bum . You cant really see how big it in that pic in my signature but ive got like a wee waist then big hips and a big bum hehe . I need to get teh weight off there first i think .


I'm 5ft9/10 and i weigh about 13 stone and im a size 14/16. I guess it is just how you carry your weight.

To be fair i think its where you buy your clothes from aswell right enough. I can get jeans that are a size 14 from one shop, but in another shop they wont go over my bum, so i'm guessing its the brand/make of jeans aswell. I find this with a lot of clothes right enough.

Rach x

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i was size 12-14 at 12.5 stone and i am 5ft 10 :)


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Deebie, one of my best mates is the same height as me, weighs about 8/9 pounds less than you and I think she is a size 14 if it helps.


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I'm 5'3 and 12st 6. I wear 14's for everything except jeans, I'm still a 16 in those lol. I think I was around 11st when I used to wear 14s.


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Hiya, im 5'8 and i weigh 11st 9lb and im a size 14 in some places, in others im inbetween a 14 and a 16, which makes it so hard to shop, very limited :cry:

Its the main reason why i want to lose weight so that i can fit into clothes better :)

when i was about 10st 7lb i was a size 12 so i would agree to whats been said earlier, a stone for a dress size :)