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Size in mind

So I've never, ever, been slim before, and I have very little understanding of my own bone structure and build. I've worked out that I'm probably apple-shaped, and Lord knows I'm always going to be top heavy, but the fact I know my body so little means it's hard to pick a destination. I know for my height I can be at a healthy weight between 8 and 11 stone, so in my head I'm aiming for just under 9, or a size 10, whatever weight that might be. If/When I get there, I am sure to burst of happiness. For years, I have called myself by the names that other kids once called me: and the thought the of big fat biffa being 8 stone something is just... :bliss:

But the truth is, maybe I won't ever be able to get there, because of my bone size and stuff like that. I have absolutely no clue what it is to be on the other end of the spectrum, so I've picked a target based on those NHS charts, and I'll adjust it as I go along, if I find that it's not conceivable for me (or if my muscles are just too damn heavy ;)).

So what about you? Are you trying to get back to a former size? How did you pick your goal? :)
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I'd be REALLY happy bring a size 12 :)
I've never ever been slim. No
Idea what my natural shape is but ive a a big frame and I'm 5'11..
Started over 17st on the 26th August and I'm in the 14s now. Just over 2 stone til
My target, I don't have a clue what size that will make me.. Am 16 now so maybe a 14. I'd love to be a 12!!


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the weight I maintained the longest was a size 8 and I'm hoping to get back to it. However I'm not saying that at some point I won't just stop the weight loss because I will consider that it is enough. I'm 40 not wrinkled, not saggy, wouldn't want to become so ;)As long as I reach a healthy BMI (which is 22 pounds over goal), I will start observing my body and decide when enough is enough....maybe I'll stop at a BMI of 25, maybe of 21, maybe between the 2, I have no idea.


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Well I do know what it's like to be slim but not for very long!!! 4 years ago I got to 10 stone and felt fantastic, but it's amazing how easy 5 stone can go on :(!!!!!!!!!!!! This time I'm aiming for BMI of about 27 and I know this is above what is classed as healthy but hoping that i will be able to maintain it easier x
I think the best thing to do is just keep going until you feel comfortable and happy with yourself. :) for my height it states that I should be between 9.3 stones and 11.3 stones, I think I would look poorly If I was 9.3 it just wouldn't suit me, but it may suit someone else, it's all down to the individual :)


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no interest at all, really in being smaller than a size 14. no offence to anyone, but i don't think proper slimness is particularly attractive.


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My CDC says 9'7 for me, however, ideally I want just under 9stone :)
Pre cd i had in mind size 14 about 12 stone. In my head that would have been perfect, a dream come true. However, I'm now a size 14 and exactly 12 stone and yes I'm happier with my body than I was before, but not 100%. Its not that I want to be smaller or lighter, but I want to be tighter or more toned. Last time I was this size it was from caning it at the gym and eating like a bird so there's a lot more podge this time round :( so rather than focusing on getting smaller I just want to get less wobbly please thank you much x
I've been heavy since I was about six-years-old so I'm in the same position as you!

I lost weight once before to get to 13st 1lb and was a very small size 14 at that point and 2.5 away from my high end goal. I'm an hourglass shape, but come from Greek stock and take mostly after my dad so reckon I'll probably be a small 12 or big size 10 at that.

I'm probably going to go past the 10.5, but we'll see what happens. I'm more aiming at being healthy than a certain size. :)

Last time I was this size it was from caning it at the gym and eating like a bird so there's a lot more podge this time round :( so rather than focusing on getting smaller I just want to get less wobbly please thank you much x
Same story for me! I was a size 14 at this point last time but that's because I was tighter.
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I'm trying not to get too hung up on size or weight - I managed to squeeze into size 12 jeans last spring before wieght started to creep (who am i kidding - jump) back on. I'm going for a mid range healthy BMI of 22 (which will take me to a stone lighter than when I squeezed into the size 12) but once i get there it will be whatever size I am then..(but an average 12 would be nice).


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I am somewhere between a size 24 and 28 at the moment - depending on the item of clothing. I just want to get to where I feel good about my body. I am aiming for a 16 and then I shall see how I feel and re-evaluate. I have no idea what I will feel like then. last time I did CD I got to a 22-24 and I felt wonderful ...lol so at 16 I will rule the world!
I always think dress sizes are a funny thing - personally I feel quite good about how I look at a size 16, but wonder if I'd feel even better if I were a few sizes smaller!


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I personally like M&S Sizing as i'm always a size smaller than usual, also the same in Next!


this time - the last time
I'm only 5ft. So the last time I was 9st 2 - which is BMI 25 I was 18 and a size 8!

So I'll only know when. I get there! Size 8 seems too small, but aiming for higher than bmi 25 doesn't seem right either!
Yes, I suppose I'll just see how it goes, and keep re-assessing when I learn more about my shape and skeleton.

Spangles, I kind of agree with you about attractiveness. I've always thought Nigella Lawson was a practically perfect woman. Great figure, gorgeous face, healthy hair, those eyebrows, those lips. All that talk of "real" women eating butter and cream. I'm a heterosexual woman and even I was aroused!

But, because I've never been textbook thin, and I want to experience it while I'm still in my 20s, and for once blend in with my friends, I'm aiming for a 10. In years to come I'll probably balance out at a 14, which is what I was during sixth form.

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