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My mother in law has been talking about slimming world, im very skeptical, ive been doing WW.

I decided i'l give SW a go.

I'm so so suprised at how much i can eat, i think i prefer to stay on green days, is that alright?!!
I started yesterday.

How long would you suggest i give this diet? i'm thinking 2 weeks?

Unfortunatly i cannot make the meetings, so just going to go it alone.
ANY advice very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.:wave_cry:
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I have found this diet brilliant, so much easier than ww. Dont give yourself a time limit, just see how you get on, enjoy your journey and good luck!!!


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Hey hun. If your not attending classes i suggest you hang about! You need to have to have the information right for it to work! Not that im saying that you havnt got it right, but many can make a few mistakes in the first week which could affect the results! so take a look around and dont be afriad to ask!

if green days is what you think you'd prefer, go for it. I personally find EE works best for me, wheras my SIL loses better on green.. were all diffirent! it's trial and error but non the less, if followed right you'l get a good result!

I think you'l really enjoy sw.. try not to be too scepitical.. dont question what works ;) haha xxxx


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Good luck with your weight loss.