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Skimmed or soya milk best?


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Hi all,
I'm veggie but would like to go vegan in the future anyway i was just wondering which milk is actually better whilst im following exante alpro soya light or skimmed milk?
I think soya is lower in cals slightly higher in fats and skimmed is slightly higher in cals slightly lower in fats, anyone know the answer to this?

Thanks x
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I don't know what's best to be honest. There doesn't seem to be much in it, so i would go with the one that you prefer the taste of.


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Soya milk is lower in carbs and higher in protein than skimmed milk, so if you are following a VLCD like Exante that uses the principles of ketosis, soya is best.


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Thanks for the replies, i think i might swap to the soya then :)


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Just to update this for anyone whose interested i'm using soya milk again now and it only has 0.5g of carbs per 250ml compared to skimmed milk which has around 12g of carbs per 250ml, so theres quite a big difference.


Is a woman on a mission.
I always drink soya in my tea and prefer it now...makes a nice nutty flavour. Ideal for low carb diets too. x


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I did use soya milk before but didn't realise it was actually better than skimmed when on a vlcd so was sticking to skimmed milk as thats what the rest of the family have.

I really enjoy it in my tea, but have you found anyway to stop it going funny when making a coffee? Its still drinkable just the milk/coffee goes funny when mixed together, any ideas?


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Try letting your coffee cool a bit before adding the soya...I drink soya in my tea and on its own...but rarely drink coffee. I know what you mean, the milk and the coffee separate...and it looks rather grotty lol.

I looked on the Provamel (they make soya products) site and this is what they said -

Curdling is caused by the soya protein shrinking when it comes into contact with the hot liquid. This is influenced by a number of factors namely,
Temperature of the drink
Hardness of the water
pH (acidity) of the water
strength of brewing time of the drink
As we have no control over these factors it is difficult to say which one or combination is causing the problem. Ideally, the hot water should be allowed to cool slightly before pouring over the soya milk.
The most successful method we have found is to :
Pour the soya milk into the cup or mug
Then pour in the water (not boiling, and slightly cooled off)
Add the coffee granules, stirring vigorously as you do so.

Hopefully you may get a decent coffee with a bit of practise. x

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