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Skin problems

Hi Mooee,

Unfortunately I cannot help you too much I'm afraid. I just wanted to let you know that I too have not long started CD SS (8 day's ago) and my skin has become spotty, funnely enough I only really noticed about 10 mins ago lol. Mine are mostly around my jawline.

When I did CD SS last year, I didn't notice any change in my skin condition and my CDC insisted that the diet helps clear your skin. So my thoughts are that your (our) skin is properly just adjusting to our change in diet, and will improve shortly :)

Hopefully it will improve.

My spots are also around my jawline and my lips are sore/dry, so hopefully its just a blip that will cure itself in the next few days!
My lips are really dry and sore today too! But, I kinda put that down to the colder weather today (I was freezing whilst waiting for buses to work this morning!) - Now you've said it though, it could well be the diet. Hmm, I'm sure a professional will come along soon... :p x
Hi, i am on week 5 of SS and the 1st 3 - 4 weeks my skin broke out too, its just because in effect your detoxing so all the crap is coming out of your body / skin, it will clear up girls! keep with it! xx


Optifast Girl!
I have had 2 bouts of break outs around my mouth and jaw along with dry skin and sore lips. I was also thinking detoxing and each cleared up within about 2 weeks the first time and 1 week the second, but it is a hassle and I feel like it looks so bad. The second time aroun I used Mary Kay extra emoillent night cream and it worked a treat. As my skin was healing though, it felt like alligator skin, yuk.
Hi all,

I would say your body is getting rid of any toxins, But also there has been a major change in the weather latley, I found face wash for sensitive skin with no perfume or in works well and a good moisturiser at night helps,
And for my lips the little vaseline aloe vera tins are the best.

Well done on your loss, keep up the good work.

Start Weight 14 s 3lbs
Week 1 = 04/09/08 -5
Week 2 = 11/09/08 -2 (totm)
Week 3 = 18/09/08 -4
Week 4 = 25/09/08 -5
Week 5 = 02/10/08 -4
Week 6 = 09/10/08+4 (on hols)
Week 7 = 16/10/08 -8

Hi All,

Thanks for the info.

Also emailled CDC yesterday, she advised me to up the water intake to ge the toxins out quicker, and also to spread my water out more as I tend to drink lots first and last thing.

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