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Skin Tags

Okay, so a year or two ago this friend at work (a rather portly friend) tells me that she has a hard time shaving her underarms as she has loads and loads of skin tags there.

My jaw dropped and I was all like 'whoah, gross'! (Forgive the stupid language today, I'm feeling odd lol)

I forgot about it.

Until... one day I was shaving my underarms and though 'whatthehellisthat?!'

It was a skin tag. I immediately jumped on the laptop trying to find ways of removing them and also finding out why I'd suddenly got one.

Turns out people get them when the put on weight.

So... I had this gross growth thing on me because I'd got fat! :eek: Not only that but I noticed a few more under there as well!

ANYWAY... I was shaving the other day and out of curiosity had a little peek.


They have all gone away since I lost weight! It's unreal. I can see where they were (little dots on my skin) but they're not at all raised.

I couldn't believe it and so I just thought I'd share my experience and let anyone who has got them know that they will probably go away and anyone who is wondering where the heck theirs went why they aren't there anymore :)

~Gem xx

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lol, i've got one on my thigh and i used to have one on my eye until i picked it off (ewww). My OH has got one on his chest too.

East way to get rid of them...get a thin string of cotton, wrap it round the base of the tag and this cuts of any blood supply to it, it shrivels up and falls off!!!
I've never had any before I gained weight and never got them anywhere else which was how I knew it was weight related.

You picked on off your eye?! Owwwww!! Madwoman ;)
that brilliant news for you hun bet you well pleased. x
Yeah :) I know there's nothing gross about them really, I just got really freaked out by it lol
You can take them off with fishing line. They are caused by items of clothes rubbing you, men get them on their neck when they live in shirts.
there's loads of reasons why you get them but they are more prevalent in overweight peeps, probably due to hormone imbalance/ metabolism/insulin etc.

I was bored one day when i was 15 and picked it up and it bled something wicked!


nearly there!! :)
i no this sounds weird but my lil lad has one one his willy (hes only 3 and def not overweight ha) and has amother one on his stomach!!
ive one under my arm to!! that must be a common area for them!!
lmao at this thread -I'm not going ther ffs -I feel a freak as it is being this overweight never mind looking for more ammo to use next time I'm on a downer.

Class -pmsl


Peace Love Happiness
My bf has some around his neck, he was told they were from shirt collars rubbing on him, something to do with the friction, I have a couple under my arms, surprised they don't get ripped off with waxing.

BF won't let me tie the string around his, spoilsport! ;)
I've had them in the past but haven't noticed any new ones lately! I had one huge one on my stomach and my GP told me to tie thread round it and one day it had just gone! I'm hoping I'm no longer fat enough to get one! Lol!

Yep....I had a few under in my armpits....cotton tied round them did the trick. No new ones to report. I'm not sure if I got them when I put the weight on....not really thought about it before.
My ex husband has a massive one right in the middle of his chest, at nipple height. ie he has 3 nipples!:eek: He is such a wimp that he wont have it removed!

My kids say that on hols he uses his skin tag as a tan-o-meter, as the skin stays white underneath it! Lol!!
hillarious. thanks for sharing. i had discoverd two under my arm also during the last year and I just checked and it's gone!
I have a couple on the inside of my elbows about 3 on my neck (around the area where your necklace sits) from when I was hospitalised and had loads of tubes all over me. I can't wear any chains now as they always catch and I used to love wearing a necklace. :(
I used to have this same problem.. but i wpre a necklace anyway and it used to get trapped in it and bleed... then one day i was getting changed and the necklace caught on my top and it ripped off, sore but so worth it :D

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