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Right gonna write it all down, I'm doing EE this week and im so worried it aint gonna work. So i reckon if i write down what im eating then some kind soul may come along and say
TUT TUT you shouldnt of had that Alice !!!
Here goes=
B=2 weetabix with milk (1a and 1b)
L=2 eggs ,bacon, toms
T=cauli, cabbage, carrots, tates, lamb
banana, mullerlight,plum
SYNS= 2 bread=5
B= 2 weetabix with milk (1a and 1b)
L= Tin ravioli (1 1/2 SYNS)
T= 2egg, bacon,bubble and squeak,tomatoes
mullerlight 2 bananas
SYNS=3 quality street= 7 1/2
2 weetabix with milk (1a and 1b)
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Looks ok to me Hun!!!
Was your Bubble and Squeak home made?
yes -just used some left over tates and cabbage from wednesday night tea

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hmmm delicious...in that case...fantastic meal plan!
B= 2 weetabix with milk (1a and 1b)
L=scrambled egg
T= spaghetti bol made with dolmio sauce(had it in cupboard from when we ate crap!!)
Syns= dolmio sauce 3
sliver of xmas cake if i say 8 then ive got to be covered it was thin
had bananas , pear, mullerlight
Total syns=11

B= 2 weetabix and milk (1a and 1b)
L= scrambled egg and 2 slices bread
T= chicken,rice,jacket tate
Total syns=5
banana, plum

today i've had-
B= 2 poached egg, 3 bacon, mushrooms,tin tom 2 slices 400g brown bread (1b)
MM SNACK= banana
L= skipped lunch ,in the afternoon had mullerlight and a banana
T= roast beef, tates,carrots,cauli,brussels,peas , 2 yorkshire puds (2 syns each).
.. bellies full !!

ive made a SW cheesecake, may have some later if its set ;)
still havent had the cheescake, may have a bit later.
right today im having
B=2 weetabix with milk (1a and 1b)
L= poached egg, bacon, tin toms, and 2 slices nimble bread (5 syns)
T= jacket tate,quorn fillets, 2 chicken dippers(4 syns), beans,beetroot and red onion and a squirt of extra light mayo (1/2 syn)
TOTAL SYNS = 10 1/2
Had banana this Morning
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Oh tried cheesecake- so i tried it awsell bit sloppy and it had made base all soggy- dunno wot happened there,
1 pt lemon jelly crystals with gelatine mixed with quark and fromage frais put on top of digestive base. it was out of a slimming world mag
dont reckon i'll be doing that again
i had 2 weetabix and (1a and 1 b)
L= scrambled egg, 2 bread
T= SW chips ,chicken breast, bit salad
TOTAL SYNS= 5 (for bread) and 5 (for 2 quality street sweets)
also had banana and mullerlight in the day
Wednesday and WII day

B= 2 weetabix and milk (1a and 1b)
L=Scrambled egg and bread
T= jacket tate cheese and beans
banana ,apple,muller
TOTAL SYNS=5 FOR BREAD and 6 for cheese
But i have had my first week weigh in on EE and have lost 1 1/2 lb so quite impressed really. i also got my 1 and 1/2 stone sticker (only been doing SW for 9 weeks )
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Today i have had
B= 2 weetabix and milk (1a and 1b)
L=grated carrot,beetroot,thin sliced ham
spring onion,cue and a tiny plop of mayo,2 bread
T= chicken dinner ,loads of veg

made some roast potatoes in the actifry oh wow they were very nice

TOTAL SYNS= 5(bread)6 (snackajacks)1 (tiny bit of mayo)= 12
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B=2 WEETABIX AND MILK (1a and 1b)
L=scrambled egg + 3 bread(hungry)
T=salad with SW chips and plop of mayo
Total syns=7.5 (bread)+2.5 (mayo)=10
snacks-mullerlight and nana
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Saturday 17/01

We went out today so started day with
egg, bacon,mushrooms and 2 bread(1 b)
milk for the day (1a)
went shopping in morrisons so got a box of salad from the salad bar- no mayo stuff- just had cue,egg,beetroot,lettuce
T= stir fry veg and noodles with chicken
Snacks- nana ,mullerlight ,apple
Syns- 1 (jelly babie)
wow that was a good day !!
Sunday 18/01

Im pretty peed off today- have wasted the day doing absolutely nothing.
Any way this is wot ive had
B= 2 egg, bacon,mushrooms,beans, 2 bread (1b)
L= skipped lunch so just had a mid afternoon banana and a yoghurt
T= roast beef dinner,tates,broccoli,carrots,sprouts,roast tates (SW) and gravy
Total syns= 1 (gravy)
monday and tuesday 19/20

oops forgot to fill this in
Monday B=2 weetabix and milk (1a and 1b)
L= jacket tate and tin ravioli (1.5)little sprinkle cheese (5?)
T= beef dinner,tates,broccoli,carrots,sprouts and gravy
Snacks =mullerlight,banana,snackerjacks (6)

B=2 weetabix and milk (1a and 1 b)
L= tin spag bol(3.5)
T= Sw chips and ham salad , light mayo (2.5)
SNACKS= banana, mullerlight

weigh in day tomorow:innocent0001::innocent0001:

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